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  1. Everybody feels the same way, but I think it's a chance for Quincey to step up as for your first question my aswer is BRING IT ON MIGHTY ******* OF ANAHEM
  2. I agree with the it's not over thing But the comparison, well those were 2 different teams, 4 seasons ago. We can't compare this year to results in the past Go wings go!
  4. NO WAY! THE GREAT ONE said he won't be hiring anyone over 30 during an interview on, so believe who you wanna believe. As for Lang, I think he is a great dude(i remmember 2004 playoffs when he helped Stevie off the ice) but he is lacking the points he used to score, I say we dump him As for Bertuzzi, I say we keep him, after all, Draft picks usually take time to become NHLers, Bert is already a star player. LETS GO RED WINGS
  5. Well they haven't won one in recent years, tampa knocked them out last time Besides, WHAT THE HELL IS A CALGARY FLAMES FAN IN A WINGS FORUM???? Calgary is a team who hasn't won a stanley cup in more than 18 years, I WASN'T EVEN BORN WHEN THAT HAPPENED(well just some 6 months apart) Anyway they might become the new Colorado, only time will tell LET'S GO RED WINGS!
  6. Amen to that brother. For me the bottom line is that Calgary will get owned in their own arena, I mean if all that "PHYSICAL HOCKEY" isn't a sign that they're desperate, I don't know what it is.
  7. It will take me bout a 5 or six Hour flight from Mexico City, but I'll bring some TACOS SEE YOU THERE GUYS LETS SHOW THE FLAMES THE POWER OF WATER!
  8. PLEASE LET ME QUOTE A REAL FLAMES FAN, THIS WAS REALLY POSTED ON A CALGARY FORUM: feartheflames Scoring Winger Join Date: Nov 2006 Location: calgary Exp: Skill: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I could feeel it coming, with Iggy and noodles screaming at the detroit bench , daring them to touch kipper again. KUDOS NOODLES, you made me proud __________________ meh HOLY s*** THE ASSHOLES ARE PROUD OF IT, ANYWAY WE DIDN'T TAKE (WE DON'T TAKE, WILL NOT TAKE) CHEAP SHOTS, IF THE WINGS GO DOWN THEY GO DOWN LIKE GENTLEMEN AND THAT'S THE END OF IT! LET'S GO RED WINGS, LET'S FINISH THIS IN THEIR DOME!
  9. Lately with our Calgary series split too many fans are giving up, there's even a guy on the forum that "MISSES THE OLD DAYS" there's another that thinks "LUONGO WOULD BE BETTER" I SAY LET'S NOT FALL APART, I SAY WINGS IN 6, I SAY WE HANG A NEW BANNER IN HOCKEYTOWN "STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS 2006-2007" LET'S SHOW THEM OUR SUPPORT
  10. Well Bert is no Stevie! Though I don't think the Flames will sting tomorrow, most of their wins in regular season were at home, they are a lousy visitor team
  11. Anyway, Chris Gratton??, I'd rather pick Fedorov again, Gratton is useless for us What do you think??
  12. It's hard for all of us, I grew with Yzerman leading the team. Now that I think about it I can see all the work he did with the then youngsters Zetterberg and Datsyuk, so in my mind I know his "ghost "will stilll haunt our playoff oponents.
  13. Maybe we should get real creative in the line up, I mean something like Bert-datsyuk-Hank Holmstrom-lang-calder Samuelson-Drapes-Maltby Franzen-Filpula-Cleary What do you think?? May I wonder what the hell is a Calgary fan doing in a Red WIngs site???
  14. You want to hear my story?? Here it goes, I am mexican, who has always lived in mexico city. I grew up in a world were soccer was the number 1 sport, but I didn't feel it, you know. Then some years ago I went to one ice rink(in Mexico city ain't it strange) and it changed my world, after a day spent there I tuned into ESPN only to find the RED WINGS VS BLUES, and I just fell in love with the team. Then the strike, and ESPN cut the latinamerican fans (cause there are Latin american fans) the only way to see the COOLEST GAME ON EARTH. Nowadays I can only watch highlights on youtube and on, and still I feel it inside me, My heart has tatooed the red wings crest.