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  1. Oh well, try your best next time, RW! Better luck too!
  2. Dear Wings, you had shown the great efforts on this playoff run. Some bad luck though. I'll see you next season. Always in faith of you! Nice summer! Bye all! Don't be too harsh on them. Although the team adjustment has to be made!
  3. What a warrier!
  4. I am very worrying about Homer himself. If I got sandwiched hit like that, I am a dead man!
  5. Stevie Y, please come back! You know how to deal with Pronger! Homer, I sincerely wish you are OK!
  6. Two duck murders!!!
  7. Channel NHL3
  8. Calgary is not the new Colorado but Detroit is the new Detroit.
  9. They will score more than 3 and bring you a WIN!