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  1. Not complaining about my tickets been going to Wings games for years. It's just that I had seats on the risers before and didnt like them.
  2. Yup, but by the looks of it I should be good. if you look at the pic right above the lighted signs they have seats sec. 206 210 224 and 220 have the riser seats
  3. The one time I had risers it was sec. 220 row 3 couldnt see much and it seemed unsteady I was afraid to get up or move around too much. Just hope i didnt make the same mistake.
  4. Got some seats in sec.207 row 2 anybody know if these seats are part of the risers? Had riser seats a few years back and hated them.
  5. I collect every now and again, ever since I was a kid. have a pretty big collection yzerman to zetterberg rookies and everything in between
  6. How many points do you get for a shootout win?
  7. sucks that the wings lost but....................it was a great game.
  8. I dont have anything
  9. Is it me or is the PROBERT tilted a little? Looks like the P is in the red and the T just above it.
  10. He was better then the announcers at the game, I had to turn the game off.
  11. I think I heard Darren Meech a couple times too.
  12. I live in central michigan, I remember when the Tigers had 3 home runs went to the Arby's in town and they had a sign up saying that they didnt honor it
  13. are all the ones you get from jack have the name plates?
  14. you will be sitting on cusioned folding chairs, front row on the glass. had them a couple years back, just watch out when you stand it gets slippery.
  15. I had dish a few years ago thought it was great till they moved versus to a higher package, went with charter and i'v been unhappy ever since I just keep it for the bundle.