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  1. Tough to add players from older days, but here goes for Sweden (feels like I've made some glaring omissions but there you are): sundin - forsberg - näslund sedin - sedin - håkan loob sven tumba johansson - zetterberg - kent nilsson franzen - bäckström - alfredsson lidström - salming kronwall - kenny jönsson öhlund - norström Pelle Lindbergh Henrik Lundqvist Pekka Lindmark
  2. Dominant in his prime. Sad to see him go. 1.12
  3. Yes, he's been injured. Which is why he said "when he's on the ice". 30 points in the low scoring, defense first SEL are great numbers. His 14 points in 9 games in 07-08 was the best PPG in the league that year. So yeah, I don't know what you consider domination, but I wouldn't use the words 'washed up'..
  4. Agreed. That said, he is still on pace for 97 points at this stage..
  5. Yeah.. Or let's try one that people actually agreed with: "Wade Redden, Brian Cambell, Bouwmeester, Timonen, Vishnosky and Phaneuf all made more money last year than Lidstrom will make this coming season. Pretty sure I'd rather have Lidstrom on my squad if I were making a serious run at the cup over most of the players on this list. Lidstrom is a legend and is amongst the hockey elite of all time. All players would look up to him and this is a massive element to any team. This is a good signing. Lidstrom deserves to get paid. "
  6. 'He' this and 'he' that - I'm pretty sure Lids' got an agent that was angling for market value, which would be waaay over 7-8Mil. Sundin got 10 million for f***s sake. Nick took a discount. He was +22 on a team that was a collective - for most of the year and finished a collective +2 or something. He still had 50 points. He still played the most minutes against the best players and played all power plays and all power kills. Exactly who would you replace him with that would fetch 6.2Mil on the open market? Let's not even mention his legacy. Some people are saying he's 'above average'. You can't be serious.
  7. I rarely go to Spain, but I'm often in southern France. Your only chance is a hotel with American channels. You can usually get the big ones, NBC being the most common. When I lived in England Channel 5 (I think) used to televise NHL games on wednesdays, maybe you can get that in France or Spain. But yeah, they basically don't know what hockey is. Maybe try at
  8. Arrrgh. This is too late! I can't do it. Are the games available to download somewhere tomorrow? I remember they used to be.
  9. Number eight was always one of my favourites. That's the Conn Smythe right there! Anyway, great job!!
  10. MVP: Hank will have I third straight Conn Smythe worthy post season. He always wakes up for the playoffs. Sleeper: Holmstrom tips 20 goals? But it might just be Lids. He is the silent assassin, after all.
  11. Hehe. They are an entity I know what you mean. Funny how Hank is maybe considered because Daniel was injured. Only way one of them could possibly get it..
  12. He kept the exact same scoring pace when Daniel was injured (19 games). He just gave Burrows and Samuelsson career years too.. Also, consider that no player has had more even strength points (83) since Jagr in '95. I'm not saying it's clear cut that he should get it, but it's certainly not clear cut that he shouldn't. It also counts that he's in the western conference and, like I said above, scored 21 more points than anyone else in that conference. That's more of a Pearson stat though, I suppose. As is the fact that his points/minute played is nearly identical to OVs, ie better than anyone else's but them two (and I think possibly Daniel actually). Also, 1/2 of a duo; last time I checked, Backstrom was fourth in scoring with 101..
  13. Sedin had the same points per minute as Ovechkin, but get this: he had 21 points more than anyone else in the western conference. I'd say that is impressive.
  14. This made me LOL, literally. I kind of like Nashville though. Like the whole music scene..