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  1. gogoog
  2. check out mine from the Edmonton journal haha vs philly vs washington (one of my favs) vs carolina (half a page wth..) vs pitts
  3. There are two of these stores here in edmonton:
  4. my gf doesn't let me wear my wings jersey when we go to games
  5. So I met some of the Wings about an hour ago before their bus trip to practice. I wish I could have gotten pics with all the others but they all came out at once and I got overwhelmed.. D: I'll be at the game tonight, rooting for a win!
  6. Hi, As you know, the Wings play the Oilers on Tuesday in Edmonton. The wife and I took a day off to hopefully get some pics with the Wings before the game. I was wondering if anyone knows where the Wings will have their practice or anywhere we might be able to run into them on game day. Thanks in advance.
  7. I was watching a Crosby game on TSN the other night and every five minutes Pierre McGuire would say something about Crosby. "What composure Crosby has by passing back to the point!!" "What great ice vision and strong legs Crosby has!!" "Blah blah something comparing Crosby to Gretzky!!" If Crosby wasn't on the ice... "The Pens have improved this period..... all because of Crosby!!" "Crosby's ice time has was more than in the second period!!" "Check out this replay by Crosby" Yeah.. Crosby is really good but talk about something else once in a while. Seriously.
  8. worse than parros' mustache?
  9. What about Avery?
  10. "It was a difficult decision leaving New Jersey, the only team I've known, but I'm coming home to play for the team I grew up watching," Rafalski said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "To have this opportunity, is a dream." Rafalski's agent, William Zito, said five teams tried to sign the defenseman - including one offering a six-year, $40 million contract - but he wanted to play for his hometown team.
  12. SHANAHAN!? just joking
  13. It's safe to say everyone in Edmonton is cheering for Ottawa... for obvious reasons..
  14. You watched the Wings game on the airplane during your trip to your sister's wedding in Mexico and then got angry when it cut off flying over the ocean... You paid $5.00 USD for 10 mins of internet 4x in Mexico to check if the Wings beat the Sharks... Instead of socializing with guests after your sister's wedding you run back to the internet room to find out Detroit won and kicked out the Sharks. You come back later and everybody thinks you're so happy for your sister.. You had the worst day of work after the trip when wasn't streaming the Wings game online.. Instead of the usual gloating whenever Detroit loses, all your friends asked if you were going to be okay when Detroit got kicked out last week.. including a call and a text message from the wife right after making sure you're fine. You picked Detroit to go to the finals and won money off all your friends who picked Vancouver/Calgary.. Over the course of this time you bought only Pepsi cans from the vending machine hoping to get the Detroit Stanley Cup can. BTW I finally got the Brendan Shanahan one just two days ago after 9 Brad Richards, 3 Brodeurs, 4 Staals and 1 Sakic. You wish you found this forum a lot sooner.