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  1. davk912

    Bargain Free Agent Targets?

    I like o'neil i think if you put him with better players (good center) he can return to his 40 goal- season form he still has speed also I'd take a chance on him hey we gave Sammy a chance so why the hell not???????
  2. davk912

    WCF Game 6 (5/22) GDT: Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    The official LGW sayin a prayer post-Lord Jesus PLEASE let the Red Wings win this series, Amen.
  3. davk912

    WCF Game 5 (5/20): Ducks @ Red Wings, 3pm ET

    hopefully we wont need OT
  4. davk912

    WCF Game 5 (5/20): Ducks @ Red Wings, 3pm ET

    i like berts play in the past few games i think he's getting better i'd like to see a cleary-flip-bertuzzi-line or a cleary-kopecky-bertuzzi line.
  5. davk912

    WCF Game 3 (5/15): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    is it just me or is anyone else thinking there might be more wings fans at the pond than at the joe
  6. davk912

    Game 3: Kopecky in, Calder out

    Thats why they play the games im in favor of a big body going up against the ducks ok the guys been injured since Dec. He's healthy now put em on the ice he was good in GR in the playoff-That being said, of course the AHL conference finals and the NHL conference finals are like a pinto to a veyron the guy knows how to play hockey is still hockey as long as he doesnt shoot the team in the foot he'll be ok.
  7. davk912

    Pronger: "They can't handle us 5-on-5..."

    Yeah i dont think the cleary-draper-maltby line can handle the perry-getzlaf-penner line they're big and hungry as evident by thier constant pressure in our zone sure the cleary-draper-maltby line shut down sj's marleau line but marleau wasnt hungry as these guys are. to see draper try to shut down getzlaf looks pretty bad through 2 games i'd like to see a cleary-franzen-bertuzzi line go up against that perry-getzlaf-penner line
  8. davk912

    No VERSUS? No Wings for Games 1 & 4

    I wonder if vs will be streaming the game online as they have done all year barring a blackout
  9. davk912

    Convince me why I shouldn't be dreading this series....

    Im not sure if anyone posted this or not but looking back on the SJ-Nashville series 3 of SJ's wins were 1 goal games its not like SJ just blew Nashville out of the series. http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?service=page&am...season=20062007
  10. davk912

    Pre-GAME 6: (4/22) Red Wings @ Flames - 9 PM ET

    Great game, even tho we're up 4-0 Lang coughs up the puck and proceeds to drop his pants and bends over as he gets F$%#ED on the flames only goal of the game and of course Babcock likes to watch
  11. davk912

    HOW IRONIC, Last Nights TOI

    T. Bertuzzi 16:05 K. Calder 5:56 C. Chelios 15:47 D. Cleary 12:55 P. Datsyuk 20:31 K. Draper 13:50 V. Filppula 9:48 J. Franzen 15:41 T. Holmstrom 18:22 R. Lang 17:35 B. Lebda 14:05 N. Lidstrom 25:50 A. Lilja 14:13 K. Maltby 9:23 D. Markov 17:34 M. Samuelsson 11:32 M. Schneider 22:44 H. Zetterberg 21:17 Calder played 5:56 much of which is because he played on the Lang/Sammy line and he's the one to get hosed. Flip played 9:48 and could have easily scored 3 goals ended up with 3 SOG Lang played 17:35 and didnt even have a shot on goal although he did have the one assist Further proof that Babcock is a certified dummy.
  12. davk912

    Robert Lang

    Lang turns the puck over so much because he loves getting F$#%ED. And babcock likes to watch
  13. Im curious to know if anyone has found any articles on VP Yzerman's thoughts on this series.
  14. http://detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?A...S0103/704190354 Just curious to get you guys' thoughts maybe this is the smack in the back of the head Babcock needs How popular is the Detroit News in Calgary? GGGGGGGG'S babcock is so #$%#% stupid he says lang and sammy are important and can dominate but they have no drive(balls if u will) what so ever to be dominant Why cant he see this?????WTF
  15. davk912

    Babcock wont pull the trigger

    We alll know the way Lang and Sammy plays but Babcock sees them as big bodies so he's not going to sit either one( i hope he proves me wrong) and Babacock has said in the past how much he likes big bodies in the playoffs. I'd like to know what he sees in Lang and Sammy to continue to give them minutes over guys like Fill and Franzen