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  1. WATCH "Return Of Hockeytown" Episode One

    Thanks guys, I wasn't sure if Hockey fans were as interested in epic sports mixes as basketball fans are. Episode 2 is in the making but it most likely wont be finished for another month (im a college student don't have much free time right now). And if we win it this year your can bet that I will be making a extra special video just for this year alone. GO WINGS
  2. WATCH "Return Of Hockeytown" Episode One

    Hey guys i'm new to this forum, and a LIFE long Red Wings fan. I am in the middle of a three part video production based on the 3 most recent Detroit Red Wings championships. The first episode entitled "The Return of Hockeytown" is dedicated to the 1996-1997 season/championship. This is not a professional mix, nor do I have a very large budget, I do this all with my own spare time. In addition I plan on no profit from these videos (just a hobby). The video is available exclusivity on YouTube. (Link Below) If you like what you see, check out my Pistons videos. Ciao, and GO WINGS!!!