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  1. SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    Forgot this one in my post, hats off to the Wings as well, of course. A worthy finalist and a great season. How often do you get to play this late in the year and get your hands so close to the Cup? How quickly can you fall in a 20 year slump? 51 year slump? Great job, guys, looking forward to next year.
  2. SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    Stay classy, Detroit! Happy to see the crowd hang around and give their due respect to a worthy champion. Glad to see them boo Bettman. I'd have given the Conn Smythe to Orpik but heck, who cares in the end. Fleury's save was legendary! Hats off to the Pens, I was very happy to see many of their players win the Cup.
  3. SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    We need 1 goal, just one goal past Fleury and all hell will break lose. One goal, guys!!!! LET'S GO WINGS!

    In the showers with Crosby and Malkin?
  5. A totally calm perspective.

    Agreed. On the negative side, we were second on every lose puck battle for the first two periods. We couldn't get a shot on goal if our life depended on it.
  6. Helm t-shirt

    Just a T-Shirt? Don't you think Helm has been so overwHELMingly awesome he deserves that you buy his jersey? If you find a T-Shirt, let me know, I'll take one.
  7. Whoever wins Game 5 will likely win the Cup

    Earth is round.
  8. The Hossa 'slash' (Dupuis broke his own stick)

    Hossa should be suspended for playing the puck. They replayed that thing several times last night and I never understood why the NBC clowns wanted a penalty for that play. I am happy to admit penalties on the Red Wings any day but this was just silly. Just because the damn stick breaks doesn't mean it was a slash. Thanks for posting this slow mo...
  9. Wow..

    I am just so damn impressed with Helm, I had to stray it in there. If Helm doesn't make the team next year I am gonna have to call Kenny up to ask WTF is going on...If Maltby and Draper are playing and Helm is not I am not sure what is going on...
  10. Wow..

    Isn't it pretty much the other teams giving us props? They can't just constantly be in awe of our awesomeness so...they gotta say something like: "Oh they cheat, all the time, and it's a conspiracy." Essentially, they are saying they are completely overwHELMed and have no answer. Of course, as far as I am concerned, both Game 1 and 2 could have gone either way. The games are tight as the finals should be and the Pens are certainly a talented and skilled team. I am happy that the two least penalized teams made it in the Final, once again showing that hockey is more than just fits flying and sticks being broken over enemy's backs (cough cough Anaheim). Anyhoo, I doubt the media will address this much. During the game last night one of the announcers said that the Wings are doing a great job of "interfering" just enough to throw you off your game without crossing the line of legality.
  11. Is anyone else underwhelmed by Leino?

    ...because he hangs on to it way too long. Instead of picking it up and cycling with it for a few and dumping it back in if nothing is open, he just keeps on keeping on until he turns it over. He's a rookie and shows it. Like it was said already, this is a great lesson for him already this early in his career to be playing in the SC Finals.
  12. Wow..

    Haven't heard Byslma or the Pens whine though, who cares what a fan blog writes. I mean, they showed stills of "Malkin getting the better of Z" and really, if I recall, Malkin was pretty much out of his pads by the end of the whole thing. I still like the Pens more this year then under Baby Therrien. Even Cindy hasn't whined yet, has she?
  13. Ducks Fans...

    Fact of the matter is that there are bad peas in every pot. You can hear about such experiences in just about any arena. That being said, it still sucks this happens but shows you that alcohol plus being an idiot in general don't mix well. I have had good and bad experiences in several arenas.
  14. Should the wings bring up Leino?

    I like this! Is Draper ready to play Game 3? Sending Maltby down is a good thing, he's proved useless for the playoffs and most of the season so far. In fact, I might actually swap Sammy with Leino on that line to give the Draper line some pep. Go Leino!
  15. NHL Network?

    Any idea if Game 3 will be on NHL Network? I have DirecTV in Dallas and they picked up the feed from FSN-D for Saturdays game. Neither the NHL nor NHLNetwork website indicated that they would do this. Any idea if it will happen again? I will be in class from 7-8:30-9p and would love to watch the recording of it but I am not getting my hopes up. Why Versus would not show the defending Stanley Cup champion is just crazy....