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  1. Osgood should(n't) be included in the HoF...

    Here are some interesting stats I found on a different site. Just some points to possibly consider: Interesting stats regarding Chris Osgood, when arguing with pro-Hall people: - Without the shootout, he would have 391 wins, not 401 - The Red Wings had a .629 win percentage with him in net, but .640 when he wasn’t in the net - During Osgood’s career, the average save percentage of all goalies in the NHL was 0.9059. Osgood’s was 0.9051. Call it even. But that means half the goalies were better, half worse. - On Osgood’s various teams, his career GAA was 2.49. The other goalies on those teams during that time boasted 2.47. - While he was the DET goalie, he won three cups in 14 seasons (one as a backup). But during the three years that he was not in Detroit, they still won one. So winning Cups 21% of the time with him there (less if you consider he was backup once)…versus winning the Cup 33% of the time with him not there. - He’s eighth in career playoff wins. He’s also 11th in career playoff losses. - He’s clutch? His regular season win percentage is .603. His playoff win percentage is .574. He is 2-4 in Game 7 games. Yes, pretty clutch - In 13 games where his team could be eliminated, he was 5-8 with a .893 SP. - He lost the starting gig to Manny Legace and Garth Snow. I don’t think a Hall-of-Famer ever lost his starting job to anybody ever while in his prime.
  2. Finish these fuckers off

    best game ever.
  3. Sens re-sign Chris Phillips

    Check out this article about Karlsson's Quest to -50. Be sure to vote
  4. 10/8 GDT: Ducks 0 at Red Wings 4

    datsyukian knockout!
  5. Who is the Best Fighter on the Wings?

    Flashes of Datsyuk knocking out Roberts come to mind.
  6. Anyone have that Datsyuk interview from last year, I believe it was in the finals, where the reporter goes: "Did they freeze your foot Pavel" and he goes "I dunno"
  7. This actually does happen. Anyone remember the 07-08 Pens getting destroyed their last game in order to set up a matchup against the 7th seeded Sens? There was a lot of speculation on the loss on TSN. I believe they faced the Flyers in their last game.
  8. Who will you support at the Olympics?

    Canadian supporting Canada.
  9. Ovi to pass the great one?

    Ovi has not entered his prime yet (27-31). However, I still don't think he can come close to Gretzky's total points. If he keeps scoring 50+ goals a year for the next 10 years goals isn't out of the picture.
  10. Wings To Make Another Move This Week?

    lol @ everyone that thinks any of the UFA's (Williams, Bert) are going to be traded. teams don't trade top 6 forwards for players that are going to become unrestricted free agents at the end of the year....they trade them for assets. What's Williams and Bert going to do for a rebuilding team at the end of the year when their not even signed? The only teams that might have interest in these guys are teams in the playoff picture...and they wouldn't be parting with a top forward.
  11. Nicklas Lidstrom

    because he's too old and he can no longer handle 30 minute shifts. detroit is also trying to preserve his minutes for what seems to be his final playoff run.
  12. Bertuzzi SUCKS

    30 goals is possible.
  13. Zetterberg out at least 2 weeks

    at least 2 weeks... f***.