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  1. Simply beautiful. Pronger is a hackjob and now the NHL is taking notice.
  2. 2 words, Calgary sucks
  3. You got it. If we where just at 15% on the PP, series would be over
  4. Either sit Sammy or Lang. Lines look good though. Glad to see Babcock woke up and put Bertuzzi in front of the net on the PP, even though it didnt help any
  5. Lang can put himself offsides. Thats about it
  6. First time poster here so I will say hello. The way I see it, last night Flames got 2 5-3 goals and 1 lucky bounce off a players leg. Dom need to get his head in the game and stop trying to draw penalties. Putting the Wings on the PP when they are 2-25 might not help anyhow. Lets see how they come out tomorrow.