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  1. I think Crosby is really jealous of Hank's manly, werewolveish playoff beard
  2. Anyone else finding Darren Pang incredibly annoying today?
  3. Do you drive at at the JMSA? I go to Tech, hope they manage to beat them tonight. So stupid that its scheduled at the end of finals week.
  4. +1 for SportsK. Awesome quality and good price
  5. Sweet! I've been watching the prospects tournament on the NHL network. Surprisingly we get it in my dorm at school.
  6. http://www.sportsk.com/instredwirep.html If you manage to sell this one, Sportsk.com has these in stock. They do excellent work. Good luck on selling it.
  7. Picked up two at Dick's in Novi. They were snatched up in no time. Dunno if they still have any on hand. Its been ridiculous trying to find this hat.
  8. I just got my Franzen Jersey with an 08 Cup patch from sportsk. Amazed with the quality and customer service. Highly recommend.
  9. I'm torn between a Z and a Mule home jersey with an 08 patch. Decisions, decisions...
  10. sportsk.com Here is a link to the Edge jerseys: http://www.sportsk.com/deredwiedaur.html 235 for lettered jersey
  11. DET/COL: 4-2 SJ/DAL: 4-2 MON/PHI: 4-3 PIT/NYR: 4-3
  12. Lets get another one. Don't let up and play smart boys!
  13. Stuart has had some nice hits and good plays. But, lets keep the puck outta our zone.
  14. We're looking like a team that got eliminated in the first round in 2006. Being forced to the outside, play up the middle blocked. Theres no intensity, come on guys! Fricking playoffs. Hartigan is useless, give Adelkader or Downey his spot. Ozzie is playing solid, has had some nice saves. I've been sick of Hasek ever since he came back. Go with Ozzie the rest of the series. Lets hope they come out for a strong third and try to knot this one up.