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  1. I don't remember a franchise ever getting this owned in the off season? Is this the worst off season for a franchine in nhl history? Poor Buffalo, probably the most cursed franchine in all of sports. (including their football team)
  2. At least we now know the guy can play in the playoffs. 8 goals. I thought he was great. I know people will still find ways to criticize him but I thought he proved he can do it.
  3. Greater chance the nhl would have suspensed one of them if Holmstrom didnt come back But Homlstrom is the type of guy that is going to go back out there no matter what, and I love him for that.
  4. I don't want them to sink low, I meant for them to go after nied or Pronger right after the hit ~ I know they are big guys,but imagine the character it would show if one of our smaller guys stepped up? People would be in love~
  5. This is true, but as a long time hockey fan it was shocking to see nothing happen after that. I guess it shows how cool we can keep our temper and not take retaliatory penalties, though I wouldn't have minded since it was a 4-0 lead.
  6. After Pronger/Niedermayer cheap shotted Holmstrom..all the wings just stood around and did nothing, ANYONE should have got right in Prongers face and at least started a scrum or something. The score was 4-0 and basicaly out of reach, I just want to see our players stick up for each other ~ Other than that..A+ game.
  7. Everyone in Ontario wants Buffalo to win, they hate Ottawa and Buffalo is kind of like a second team. 15% of Buffalo's season ticket holders are Canadians. Too bad it looks like Buffalo is going to be swept.
  8. I think the means he was being sarcastic
  9. There is no doubt he has been shooting more, he leads the team in total shots so far in the playoffs.
  10. Him and Zetterberg were amazing tonight, just couldn't put it in the net. I actually thought that was an amazing pass to Zetterberg, Datsyuk had like 3 guys all over him. Giguere really made that look like an easy save, when really that was an awesome read by Giguere imo. They were everwhere, Datsyuk even out muscled Pronger for the puck many times.
  11. this is going to be really low scoring series.
  12. I'd blame it on the economy, but Buffalo has a horrible economy also and has freakin 7,000 fans outside the arena wathing on a big tv for the game and tickets going for insane prices... The real reason is, we have had such a great team for so long that it just isnt as exciting as it was at one point. On the flip side, Buffalo has been horrible for a long time and finaly has a killer they are all excited.
  13. Ottawa will dominate this series, and I'd put money on it. Ottawa has just as much depth as buffalo does (depth isn't awlays just about offense) and Emery actualy looks like a goaltender now. They will fly be this series, winning in 5.
  14. They both have 3 points each already today
  15. And then there is BRIERE - I hate this guy, he is very very annoying. He does a lot of dirty things a lot too, spearing people, and diving all around.. I think Buffalo is crazy if they keep this chump over Drury.