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  2. adtthosa

    10/17 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Avalanche 2

    That was just a dismal period. Let's hope for a better 3rd. Can't blame Monster, the goals weren't good goals to let in but a lot of people are forgetting about the great saves he made earlier.
  3. adtthosa

    10/17 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Avalanche 2

    Weak calls from the refs, seriously. That one was a gift. Wings gotta pick it up anyways.
  4. adtthosa

    10/17 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Avalanche 2

    Couple nice plays by Kindl in the past few minutes to break up passes. This period has been rough....The Monster continues to look solid though.
  5. ^ The Wings aren't playing the Leafs here. This Chicago team is experienced and knows how to win and close out games. We got exactly what we expected tonight, a tough game from a good team. That being said, we kept it close and Howard was terrific. We need to start capitalizing on our chances more, especially on the PP (0-3 will not cut it in this series). Hoping for a better showing in Game 2.
  6. It feels so good to get this win and knock the Ducks out one final time while we're in the West! We played a tremendous game tonight, and this was a great series overall despite our tendency to blow leads. I also liked that the refs really let them play tonight, and obviously that ended up playing to our advantage. Zetterberg....what more can you say, this man is the heart of our team. Even though Chicago seems scary, I feel like we have nothing to lose. With Z, D, and Howard all playing well along with our 3rd and 4th lines rolling, we could really put up a good fight and maybe even take them out.
  7. It was all downhill after the 5 minute major. We had a chance in this game, but everything that could have gone wrong did. Sucks to lose like this but I guarantee we will win game 4.
  8. Not a great game for the Wings, but it's not the end of the world. We only need to take 1 of these first two to steal home ice advantage. Obviously some of our younger guys were a bit shaky tonight getting their first playoff starts, but they did an okay job. Ducks only scored on the PP, I thought we did a pretty decent job not giving them much 5 on 5. If only Kindl didn't take that damn delay of game penalty.....just put it off the boards next time! We got enough quality chances, just gotta bury them next game. Optimistic for game 2
  9. adtthosa

    WCQF Game Three GDT : Predators 3 at Red Wings 2

    We lost this game because of that slow start. Disappointing, but this series is far from over. It's at least going to 6 games. Our PP was weak as hell tonight, we have to capitalize on those chances.
  10. adtthosa

    Tampa Bay Lightning unveil new logo / jersey

    Pretty sure the 3rds are sticking around, unfortunately. I like the change, but like it's been said the blue either needs to be darker or it needs a third colour to distinguish it a bit more from the Leafs. I think these will look good on the ice, but I'm not a big fan of dropping black from the colour scheme altogether.
  11. adtthosa

    Playing hockey

    Me and two of my buddies are doing the same thing as you right now. We all decided we wanted to pick up hockey and the past few weeks we've been going out to public skates and working on skating. It's been fun, even just skating on its own is a good exercise. I had a little bit of skating experience when I was younger so I'm catching on pretty quickly. Just keep on working at it and you'll see improvement come pretty early. It's never too late to learn something.
  12. adtthosa

    Save of the year?

    Saw this live, right along Thomas' goal line.....unbelievable save. He had Leafs fans bowing to him after that one.
  13. adtthosa

    Andreas Lilja?

    I'm kind of surprised to hear that a lot of people don't want him back. I thought he played very solid in the playoffs, and I'd love to see him return.
  14. adtthosa

    Hudler's return

    Can't blame him for taking the money, I was never mad to begin with. It'll be great to have him back.
  15. adtthosa

    WCQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 1

    Great game, huge win. We played a near perfect road game, and right off the bat I think we challenged them physically which was key. Our entire defense was tremendous tonight especially on the penalty kill, and Howard was very solid in net. I thought Helm, Filppula and obviously Datsyuk had great games for the forwards. Good to see everyone stepping up at key moments. Sadly I have to work for Game 6, but here's hoping we come out with an effort similar to this one. The boys worked hard and it payed off.