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  1. I'm going to my first game at the joe tonight! I'm extremely excited. Anyone have tips on where to park, how bad the traffic is, etc? Any help is appreciated
  2. Truly the end of an era... One of the greatest living legends in hockey history. The very picture and personification of class and skill. I'll sure miss watching you Nick
  3. He absolutely deserves the suspension that he won't ******* get. ******* s***head
  4. I've had the privilege of seeing Sheahan play in person, and he's an incredible talent. I was sitting in the second row watching him play, and from a physical perspective, he just stands out among the guys. I'm hoping he turns into something awesome for the Wings.
  5. couldn't have said it better myself. I'll be really heartbroken if he never plays again
  6. As soon as that happened, I jumped up off my couch and yelled "BOOOOOM *****!!" My wife wasn't too thrilled since she was napping. Hopefully she didn't think I was talking to her...
  7. see above post
  8. He's just saying that to the media. I'm sure behind closed doors it's different. He also pretended that he didn't know that Datsyuk didn't take a single faceoff in the game. He's just being coy.
  9. right after we finished killing the four minute power play (which was a terribly unlucky bad break). f***in pisses me off.
  10. Just echoing what's already been said... Our PK will be the deciding factor of the series. FWIW, I phuckin hate the sharks.
  11. burning pictures of Crosby and stomping on his face?? GAH!!! I ALWAYS miss the best parties...
  12. Definitely NOT Bertuzzi. I'd take Kristy Yamaguchi over Todd Bertuzzi.
  13. Touche... I laughed out loud
  14. Someone please explain to me HOW Bertuzzi can be considered one of our best players this series. Cuz I don't get it. Constant turnovers, inability to control the puck in the offensive zone, skating as slow as a peewee... Tell me how he's been good?