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  1. Im sorry i should use those little things so you can tell when a sentence ends or goes in another direction seeing as you obviously aren't smart enough to see it without them!! There is that enough punctuation for you?
  2. I will tell you what... i have been a hockey fan for quite some time now and i hate to say this but after this year with the way the refs have been throughout the playoffs and regular season It will be my final year as a hockey fan. I can't stand to watch a game that is decided on both sides by the refs and their innability to call a penalty a penalty. One second hooking isn't a penalty and the next you touch the guy with your stick and you get 2. Complete garbage from the days of Gretzky, Howe, the early years of Stevie ect. The game has changed for the worst and i wont continue to support this league. it is a declining sport and you will never attract new fans with all this garbage officiating.
  3. LOL down 3-2 because of 2 flukes in game 5 LOL what do you want the refs to do call all fluke goals non goals
  4. I HATE LANG and i don't even know the guy....... I would never want to meet a guy that skates that slow and who is that lazy, but hey at least he gets a paycheck right
  6. Wings will lose today 2-0 if not by more but Giguire will get a shut out... Ottowa wins the cup
  7. Im sorry but is Throwing a guy down to the ice not a penalty in the playoffs?????
  8. Wether we wim or lose i don't want Hasek back next year. I am sure the Goalie pool this year will be better than last. We will eventually have to move on and i just can't stand the style of play Hasek plays..... I don't want Lang here either because he has provided very little all season long
  9. If anyone wants a reason the Orange county Mighty Ducks wont win this series it is Hasek... He has never lost a playoff series with Detroit and it is being said that the Ducks look VERY tired as of late. The Ducks got lucky lets move on to game 6 where the Wings will be taking their frustration out on the Ducks. Wings in 7
  10. Hey PHUCKFANFORLIFE don't wanna see you posting here anymore. You were the one on the Mighty Duck forums saying you were happy Pronger hit Holmstrom like he did, and saying you hoped he was hurt. BYE BYE NOW FLAMER.
  11. SO does game 4 start with a 3:57 second penalty??????/ LOL
  13. HE IS BACK!!!!!
  14. DID the VS guy just say he was "Unmolested"???
  15. Is it me or do our guys seem AFRAID to hit??????? Not going to retaliate for Homer????