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  1. Who else went to playoff games?

    Game 3 at the the Honda Center, 5-0 baby, i was there. I was also there for game 4 but we lost that one.
  2. My view of it

    Hey everyone, todays loss was obviousley as tough as one we've ever had and I know i wont be over this by tonight or tomorrow. I just want to say that even if we lose I am so proud of this team and love this team to death no matter what. Down 3-2 going on the road is a very difficult task but if any team is going to do it it's the Wings. I dont know, maybe i'm trying to convince myself but I kind of feel like we are meant to be in the Finals, I think we can win game 6 and game 7. This team has showed so much heart and determination these playoffs that I believe they can turn it around and move on. I will be at game 6 and I will support our boys as much as possible. Go Wings!!
  3. Game 4 tonight in Anaheim

    Anyone going tonight?
  4. Input needed

    What would be a good saying regarding Pronger to put on a sign I can bring and hold up at the game since I'm going tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
  5. Funniest comment from a Ducks fan

    I try not to pay attention or give any merrit to Ducks fans, last night I was at the game and when Pronger made the hit on Homer it was a little disturbing how long the crowd cheered despit Homer laying motionless on the ice. Most the fans just go for the fighting/physcial play. Also most the fans boo every penalty called on the Ducks even if the penalty was the right call.
  6. OFFICIAL: Pronger Suspended for Game 4

    Great to hear, justice has been served! We have to take advantage of this and win the next game.
  7. Pre-GAME 6: (4/22) Red Wings @ Flames - 9 PM ET

    Hey everyone i'm new here, anyway, my thoughts on the game are that we take care of the Flamers tonight and then get to see the faces of the fans after their team loses.