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  1. Congratulations to the Sharks

    First off, I'm not begging or whining about anything, least of all, partiality from Wings fans. I've expressed my opinion in passing that it seems a little over the top, especially after such a great series, but I haven't belabored the point. I would have thought, like two fighters going toe to toe for 12 grueling rounds, there would be more mutual respect. Hey, not the first time I've been wrong. I replied to a poster who offered courteous congratulations. Much appreciated. I can jump in the sandbox, but I prefer to talk hockey. To that end... I agree with you that the Sharks PK was a pleasant surprise. It hasn't been that good all year. I fully expected the Wings to light them up much more than they did. I credit TMac and the other coaches with making an adjustment, namely challenging the entry. It was a calculated risk that, on the whole, worked out. At the same time, the Wings PK stepped up, as well. They were effective limiting the Sharks PP game after game. I don't think either team had an edge in special teams. Yes, the Wings are a very good road team. Once again, both teams are similar. The Wings 3-1 road record in the playoffs is a little misleading since that is more a result of the sweep of Phoenix. In this series, both teams had identical 2-1 records at home going into Game 7. /shrug/ Seems to me the only real value of home ice in a series is getting Game 7. You think Vancouver wanted to play Game 7 at Chicago? Wings went down 0-3 in both series but for different reasons. Yes, last year the Wings were drained coming into the series. IMO, it wasn't rust this year but lack of a quality playoff opponent in Round 1 that led to the slow start. True, every game was close. But I think it is fair to say the Sharks were the better team early in the series. The Wings got better with every game. Last year's series was misleading because the 4-1 record didn't reflect how close the series really was. It could easily have gone 7 games. Just my opinion.
  2. Congratulations to the Sharks

    Thank you. It was indeed a great series. IMO, there were two things that turned out to be decisive. 1- Home ice. While I was cautiously optimistic about Game 7, I was glad it wasn't being played in Detroit. 2- The Wings easy win against the Coyotes gave them valuable time to get as healthy as possible. OTOH, the Wings didn't have to get into playoff mode. That cost them early in this series.
  3. Congratulations to the Sharks

    While I'm waiting for an answer to my question, I'll be glad to answer yours. Had the Sharks lost there would be a few comments like that but three pages of "f*** the Red Wings" in a Congratulations thread? No. Of course the fans of the losing team are not happy about the loss. But, that happens in sports. All you can ask is that your team played hard and tried their best. Both teams more than met than standard. This was an excellent series with every game close and played with top notch hockey. Some long time followers of the game have commented that it was the best series they can remember. Over the top sour grapes strkes me as demeaning to what was a classic series between two well matched teams. Oh well, perhaps this is the start of a true rivalry.
  4. Congratulations to the Sharks

    That's it? That's all you got? C'mon, you're not trying. Vent away. I feel your pain. I enjoy your pain. So fire away, it's a win-win for us both.
  5. Congratulations to the Sharks

    Bring it. It will help ease the pain.
  6. Congratulations to the Sharks

    Thanks for all the heart felt congratulations. We wouldn't presume to tell you how to feel. You tell us. Did you feel worse losing to the Sharks in a short 5 game series like last year or after getting your hopes up and then crushed in a 7 game series like this year?
  7. San Jose to Finals?

    Agreed on all points. BTW, I picked Logan Couture's shootout winner to give the Sharks the #1 seed as the Play of the Year for the Sharks. Winning in the playoffs is much harder for lower seed teams. Red Wing fans are so used to seeing their team being a high seed they tend to take it for granted. The Wings had to play #4 Phoenix, which had more regular season points than #3 Vancouver. As expected, the Coyotes were the toughest first round opponent. The Wings then had to face the toughest remaining opponent, rested and with home ice. That's a rocky road to the Cup. Bottom line: the injuries the Wings suffered in the regular season made the Wings playoff run much harder than in past seasons. IMO, the team doesn't need a major overall. A tweak here and there with some added depth and the Wings will be a favorite again next year. As much as I wish the Wings dynasty was over, I don't expect that to happen.
  8. San Jose to Finals?

    If that is true (Sharks/Wings toughest matchup), I'd say the advantage of being the higher seed has been generally overlooked. It may well be all that seperates these two teams. The home ice advantage was critical in this series, IMO. The Sharks are tough at the Tank. However, the Wings have had far more success at the Tank than the Sharks have had at JLA. Had the Hawks been the #1 seed, the semi-final matchups would have had the Sharks host the Canucks and the Wings play at Chicago. It isn't a stretch to imagine a Wings/Sharks WCF in that scenario. Maybe next year.
  9. San Jose to Finals?

    I agree the series was closer than a 4-1 result implies. As a Sharks fan, I would rather face the Hawks or the Canucks (no preference) than face the Red Wings again in the next round. Although the Avs series ended up 4-2, it wasn't as close nor are the Avs anywhere near as dangerous as the Wings. Which raises a question for Red Wing fans: Knowing what you know now, do you think the Red Wings would have fared better against the Hawks or Canucks?
  10. to the sharks fans

    Yeah, I see it much the same way. I am optimistic for two reasons. First, as Fab noted, this team has shown the resolve to overcome adversity. Past Sharks teams might have curled up in a fetal ball after Boyle's own goal. Not this one. The Wings can still win it but they will have to battle for every game. That's a tall order unless the Sharks fold up and go away. I don't see that. Second reason, these two teams are very similar in style, system and talent. That's the reason these games have all been very close. It will be very hard for the Wings to win 4 close hard fought games against an opponent that plays the same way.
  11. Nice one, DLD. He has been a class act on and off the ice, earning our respect and admiration through a long and distinquished career.
  12. Who would you most blame for a round 2 loss?

    Other - 1- The Sharks. They are better than generally acknowledged. Case in point: The Sharks led the league in faceoffs. The value of faceoff control in the playoffs can't be overstated. The Sharks are the RedWings:The Next Generation. The system and coach are RedWing clones. 2- Luck. Forget about the refs. The Sharks are capitailizing on the breaks. Game 2, Lids breaks a stick leading to the game winner. Game 3, Sharks make a bad line change but a wide shot ends up on Thornton's stick with Marleau on a 2 on 1. These two teams are very evenly matched. To go deep in the playoffs a team has to be lucky and good. IMO, that's the difference in this series so far. Just my opinion.
  13. Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    Seld-proclaimed "Hockeytown" is like fingernails on a blackboard.
  14. Who would you most blame for a round 2 loss?

    Yep, that's my vote as well. I am curious: would these same "flaws" (goalie, defense, coaching, etc.) have done in the Wings against Vancouver and Chicago? IMO, the answer is no.