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  1. Go Ducks

    Go Wings, beat the crap out of Chrissy and Salami.
  2. Suspend Thornton!

    Speaking of which... Did you see the video of RW getting into it with a Nashville reporter during the Preds series? I think it was between Games 3 and 4. It was probably the most animated I've ever seen Ron Wilson here in SJ. I'll try to find some video but the only place I saw this clip was on the local NBC Sunday night sports show.
  3. Sharks Making Bigger Mistakes Than They Think

    I'm hoping they can win Game 6 and then repeat 1994's Game 7 result. ...but that would require them to play two games with a full 60 minutes of hockey in each, something they have failed to do even once during this series. I'll be there screaming my head off on Monday though, I guarantee you that.
  4. Post-Game 5 (5/5): Red Wings 4, Sharks 1

    Didn't matter -- the Sharks put it in neutral near the end of the 1st. It was only a matter of time until it was tied up. Pretty freakin sad that Sharks fans were all expecting the Sharks to cough up the lead, but it's the truth.
  5. Suspend Thornton!

    If the Sharks were anything like Calgary it would have gotten ugly with 6-8 minutes left in the game. Plus, RW is too much of a pansy to try to "send a message."
  6. NJ vs Sens

    Go Devils! I'm not a fan of the possibility of a 6:00 (local time) start here in SJ for Game 6 (sorry everyone on EDT)
  7. Suspend Thornton!

    What's more frustrating is the fact that they just can't seem to put more than 20:00 of hockey together. Two blown 2-0 leads and then they were in neutral before the end of the 1st today. Oh great, intermission report on Versus. Where's the remote? I can't watch these highlights...
  8. Suspend Thornton!

    I don't know, but when the PP goes AWOL in successive postseasons.... Kudos to the PK though, but man is it frustrating.
  9. Suspend Thornton!

    Noooo, never. I'll save you the comeback. Here you go, enjoy: Were you describing the Sharks' PP? Hurts, but it's the truth.
  10. Should Marleau Be Captain?

    Mike Grier.
  11. Suspend Thornton!

    Waaaaaah. Please, I know you Red Wings fans are used to getting some calls, but this is getting ridiculous.
  12. Sharks Falling Apart?

    When Chicken Parm commented after Game 2 that the Sharks don't have any killer instinct, our general response was "and...that's new?" They haven't had any killer instinct all season! As far as Ron Wilson, he's as good as gone if the Sharks lose either of the next 2 games.
  13. Post-Game 5 (5/5): Red Wings 4, Sharks 1

    Just checking in to take my lumps. I haven't read anything because, honestly, it sucks. To say that I'm extremely disappointed wouldn't do it justice. They showed no...anything...today after the first 15:00 of the game. I'm seeing lowlights of Calgary and Edmonton in my mind. What can I say, we're the new Ottawa Senators. If you guys go on to win I want to thank you for getting Ron Wilson fired. I can't stand his methodology and can't wait for him to be shown the door if this team has yet another 20:00 effort on Monday (which I expect to see considering that's all they've done this series). It's been a long time coming. Go ahead, Ronnie, try to get your golf tour card. I'll be in the building on Monday, doing everything I can to prolong the series, but, I just don't see the heart or grit in this team...again. If we could only have 12 Mike Grier's up front, 6 Mike Grier's on the blue line, 1 Mike Grier in net, and another Mike Grier in a suit behind the bench, we would have the heart of a champion. But instead we have a bunch of Patty Marleaus. Congrats on the win. Ugh.
  14. POST GAME - Game 1 (4/26) SJ 2 DET 0

    I wasn't all that impressed with the game tonight, especially on the Sharks' end. Nabby made the saves when he had to, but I was concerned with the number of rebounds that made their way back to the slot. Granted, they were quickly collected by the Sharks' D for the most part (phew). Again, the Sharks employed the prevent defense, this time for 50 minutes. It bit them in the rear end during Game 1 (3rd period) against the Preds and will do so in the future if they revert back to it at any point in this series. Both teams can play so much better, and I think Saturday will be one helluva game -- one that the Wings absolutely have to win. It will take the Sharks' best effort to prevent that from happening. Edit: sorry about Samadelphia -- he's somebody who's best ignored.
  15. Octopus

    I'm waiting for the whodunit as well. If it was in fact Yc172 who threw the octopus...could you do it again on Saturday? I'm just a little superstitious.