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  1. Potpourri of penalties?
  2. Foolish foolish foolish. Keep Howard in. He's doing pretty well, and the experience he gains in the playoffs will pay dividends down the road. Sometimes you have to look at the big picture. Obviously the FieldHockeyCoach didn't do that.
  3. I don't believe in retiring numbers, but the Red Wings at least make it an exclusive thing, especially with 11 championships. Some teams retire jerseys without having won squat. St. Louis has 6 retired jersey numbers and have never won a Stanley Cup, or even a game in the finals after 12 trys!
  4. Most Americans that don't have a love affair for Pittsburgh don't like Crosby, especially after the Olympics. I think most hockey fans would rather see Wings/Sharks than Crosby's lips. was pretty good for me on Thursday. I could see both Vs. and TSN feeds. I actually liked the TSN feed better. Versus has a lot of work to do. For starters? Throw Keith Jones off the air.
  5. Another penalty? I couldn't tell if it was tipped or not.
  6. Quick penalty.
  7. Nice job Rafalski. We're not dead yet in this game.
  8. Oh quit your whining whacked him good.
  9. Back in this thing. Keep it up, guys.
  10. Keith Jones is ultra worthless. Engblom isn't much better.
  11. I hope for the best for McCarty. I'm sure he'll do the right thing and take whatever the KHL will give him so he can get his financial house in order. It is his best opportunity to make maximum money at this time. It's a shame that he pretty much blew through his money that he made in his career. I didn't know about his addictions (they can be a *****), but I knew about his gambling problem when he filed for bankruptcy before. Red Wing heroes like Mac and Probie were great on the ice, but off the ice they had to deal with a bunch of demons. Probie seems to have his life straightened out and is doing ok. Hopefully Mac will be able to do the same.
  12. My wife put on her jersey just now. I haven't seen that thing all year! This is getting serious.
  13. Bettman got his game 7, thanks to the refs not calling blatant penalties on Pittsburgh.
  14. Man Olczyk is BLATANTLY rooting for Pittsburgh. That WAS interference.