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  1. WCSF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Sharks 2

    i have to say this was a great series. other then the blowout in game 4 the wings were in every minute of every game this series. Good luck next season.
  2. I Respect-ED The Sharks

    Newsflash... The HP pavilions Ice was very bad. there was an eagles concert the night before. i don't think they were diving but more slipping on bad ice.
  3. WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

    Not that this is an excuse but the ice was really bad. they had an eagles concert the night before so this ice did not have a chance to set for very long. I dont think there was any diving "on purpose" but of course i am biased as i am a sharks fan. Having said that, no way are the wings out of this series. I expect the wings to come roaring back in game three. good luck in the rest of the series.
  4. Joe Thornton

    hit the nail on the head. I dontundertand how the bruins could have treated him so poorly. IM sure they are kicking themselvs in the rear now. espcially after the season he had last year. thanks boston
  5. Joe Thornton

    why do you care so much about what goes on in the message board if you hate it so much? Like the feeder or chumpboard is any better.
  6. Joe Thornton

    these 2 were stinking drunk and looking to fight.. or so it seemed. i cant stand that no matter whos team won.
  7. Joe Thornton

    I have to comend you wing fans. this is a class thread. Joe is one of those very rare talents that dont come along very often. I nice to hear considering AFAN on our board is a total hater of joe and everything he does. And i wish the drunk wings fans we saw as we were leaving the tank were as classy as you all posting here.
  8. GAME 2 (4/28): Sharks @ Red Wings (LIVE)

    but thats why we call you the dead wings good luck tonight.. gooo sharks!!!
  9. GAME 2 (4/28): Sharks @ Red Wings (LIVE)

    If the sharks can weather the storm early they could take this one. i expect the wings to come out hard and fast. Will the sharks be able to take this, will detroit be able to scrap out a win? That remains to be seen. good luck ... goooo sharks
  10. POST GAME - Game 1 (4/26) SJ 2 DET 0

    now if he were a shark!! lol
  11. Message from a Sharks fan

    dont make a generalization of all the users on message board. just because one poster is a little opinionated doesnt mean were all like that. idiot.
  12. POST GAME - Game 1 (4/26) SJ 2 DET 0

    im surprised that you guys didnt get at least one gaol. Sharks looked good out there... text book road win. im sure the wings will bring it next game. Good luck. Goooo sharks!!!
  13. between 215 to 220 on average, and those are the lighter guys
  14. Pre-GAME 1 (4/26): Sharks @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    I almost peed my self laughing so hard. The flamers arent even close to matching the sharks in physical play. you will see.
  15. Message from a Sharks fan

    why do people keep saying that? its changed a lot since the shut down. they actually have mods that do a decent job and keep all the petty bickering between posters an dtrolls to a minimum.