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  1. skull

    1/17 GDT: Sharks 6, Red Wings 5

  2. skull

    Your (Homer) Statements Here

    "Marleau was offside."
  3. skull

    Why are the Duck fans / press so cocky?

    Absolutely! Anytime I see LBC (in your profile), I can't help but sing that song in my head. On a related note, one of the best radio stations in the country is right here in San Diego ( and they were giving the Wings LOTS of props this morning. Seems the program director is a huge Wings fan... Just thought you all would like to know that not all So Cal media are Duck homers.... some are Wing homers.... That's San Diego you're thinking of... bra.
  4. skull

    Why are the Duck fans / press so cocky?

    Thank you. See duckette... this is what I am talking about. Roberto Who? seems to be realistic about the state of sports fannery in So Cal. It's not an insult to you... it's just the way it is. Look, I am an A's fan... and we take heat all the time becuase, although they are constatnly in contention for the AL West, they can barely sell tickets to the game. (you OC fans know what I mean) I don't deny that's the case. I can see the facts. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is. So Cal does not have legions of great sports fans. That being said, it makes those true fans, like yourself and Roberto Who?, that much more interesting. To be a hardcore sports fan in So Cal takes serious dedication.
  5. skull

    Smyth or Bertuzzi?

    No question it's Smyth. But I agree with whoever said he's heading back to Edmonton.
  6. skull

    Why are the Duck fans / press so cocky?

    if u were a ducks fan and watched all the ducks game this year im sure you would be pretty much one of a very small group....
  7. Uhhh.... I think my avatar pretty much would have given that away. LOL. And, for the record... I love everything So Cal. San Diego is the greatest city in America... hands down. I have no use for hate. Oh, and as for Pronger, wasn't too worried... the Sharks have knocked his team out of the post season twice, and have been knocked out by his teams twice... but I wouldn't expect a So Cal sports fan to know that.
  8. skull

    Why are the Duck fans / press so cocky?

    See... at least when I stereotype, I admit it. But, I guess it's ok when you do it. I live in So Cal. Have for decades. Been to games at the Forum, Dodger Stadium, Staples, The Pond, whatever the hell the Ahaheim Angels of Los Angels of Ahaheim cal their stadium now, Jack Murphy, the new Padres stadium, the LA Helliseum... all of them. I associate with 100's of So Cal sports fans... many which openly admit what I am talking about. Of course not all So Cal sports fans are completely fickle... just the vast vast majority of them. Just like the press.
  9. No self respecting Shark fan would switch alliances to a So Cal team. The rest sounds about right though.
  10. skull

    Why are the Duck fans / press so cocky?

    You assurances won't change what I have witnessed with my own eyes.
  11. skull

    Why are the Duck fans / press so cocky?

    If you don't care, then why did you ask. And, no, I'm not insinuating anything about you specifically... I was insinuating something about the fickle SoCal sports press.
  12. skull

    Why are the Duck fans / press so cocky?

    Me and Louie we're gunna run to the party and dance till the rhythm it gets harder... I don't believe that.
  13. skull

    Why are the Duck fans / press so cocky?

    Guess you're not counting the post season in that 'decade' figure???? According to my sources, Detroit has yet to have capacity crowds for this post season. I have no idea how you act. But, the media, as far as I can tell, acts much like the stereotypical SoCal sports fan. Are you the stereotypical So Cal sports fan?
  14. skull

    Why are the Duck fans / press so cocky?

    Starting to????
  15. skull

    Post-GAME 4: Red Wings 3, Sharks 2 (OT)

    Yah, that dillweed needs to be kicked in the sack for starting that thread. What a moron.