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  1. Kind Herb

  2. 2011 Round 2 Photoshop War: San Jose Sharks

    Anyone up for some takos?
  3. Aloha LGW! Been waiting for this one. Despite what most Sharks fans have been saying, I know that the road to Stanley goes through Detroit. It's going to be a tough series, and the winner of this matchup will go on to the Stanley Cup finals. And it's going to be San Jose!
  4. Question for Conspiracy Theorists

    There's no conspiracy. Brad Watson just sucks ass as a ref. And the fact that he still has a job proves that Buttman sucks just a little bit more.
  5. I'm Done With The NHL

    Aloha LGW! I'm a Wings fan, mainly a Shark's fan, but a hockey fan first! And I feel the same way I do about this sport. How can they take themselves seriously when a blown call like that can be made? When the other major sports are taken drastic measures to insure the integrity of the game with instant replay, why does hockey continue to wallow in the mediocrity of human error? And I hate Gary Buttman more than most people. The fact that Brad Watson still has a job, just proves how much he sucks ass. Hockey needs instant replay! And Watson, Campbell, and Buttman all have to go! For the love of god will someone please save hockey?
  6. GAME 1 (4/26) - Sharks @ Red Wings (LIVE)

    Believe me it drives us crazy?!!!!!! The prevent D gives us heart problems. And ok. no more cries of bias reffing, after the non call on Joe Thorton there.
  7. Welcome to LGW, San Jose Sharks fans

    Come check out The Feeder. It is has become the unofficial fansite for Shark's fans outside the official website. Registrations are required, but are not at all closed.
  8. Wings-Sharks forward line match ups

    Trust me, you don't want Bell on your team. He has been San Jose's whipping boy ever since he got a DUI in the off season. Look at his numbers, he had a horrible year. And yeah RW sat his ass, since he was the only one to not get a point in the Nashville series. Actually if you want Bell please take him! Trust me if DW could have gotten anything for him, even a bag of pucks, he would have been traded quicker then Enron stock on D-Day. Don't expect to see Bell in this series, or any other series barring injury.
  9. Convince me why I shouldn't be dreading this series....

    As a Red Wings fan you should be concerned. San Jose is on fire. We were 13-2-4 since the trade deadline, and just finished up Nashville, the 3rd best team in the regular season, in 5 games. While Nabby might be a little behind Kipper, our offence is way more potent then Calgary's. 18 players scored a point! I think the Shark's speed and youth will outlast the Wing's age and experience. This is going to be a great series!
  10. Welcome to LGW, San Jose Sharks fans

    Thank you all for the warm welcome This is going to be a great series! I think the styles between San Jose and Detroit match up very well, maybe even giving the Sharks the slight advantage. Yeah we traded away Kipper and we know how that turned out, but Nabby has something to prove and this will be the year. And the Wings are facing a much more potent offence then they did with Calgary. I always have been a fan of the Wings, but I don't think they have it this year to beat the Sharks. San Jose in 6!