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  1. Joe Thornton

    Well actually it came to me pretty fast because I just got back on the board. Yes he certainly has been carrying the team. He has been all season. It is a sin that he is not up for the MVP.
  2. Joe Thornton

    Yes but he has chomped down a few wings since that was listed so he has put on a few more pounds.
  3. Joe Thornton

    That would be 6'4" - 240 lbs.
  4. Post-GAME 3 (4/30): Sharks 2, Red Wings 1 F

    Luck and freaking Hasek are the only reasons why the Wings are not down 3-O. Z's goal in game 2 wasn't luck eh? It is funny that when the Sharks go up 2-0 and the Wings come back and win all I read is that the Wings dominated. When the Sharks come back from one down the Wings did not play a complete 60 minutes and let the Sharks win. Oh yeah and the other classic is that the Sharks are really not that good. Give me a break. Both teams are really good Hockey teams that are really evenly matched. Both goalies have been stellar. Lucky stuff, bad and good bounces equal out as do bad calls. Go on the Sharks board and you will see the same wining. " The refs were horrible, we were unlucky, CheeChoo is getting mauled out there yadaydadayda." It sucks to lose and everyone hates it but be honest in your critique of the game. You lost to the better team tonight period. Just like the Sharks did in Game 2.
  5. Can we get a W in the tank?

    Actually the Sharks were up 2 against the Preds in game 2 and lost as well.
  6. Nabokov

    Agreed about Maltby's shot but not Nabby's glove. If you look at the replay the shot was off a deflection so it kind of handcuffed him.
  7. Nabokov vs. DET

    These type of stats are so ridiculous. The Wings have a different players and the Sharks have different players since last time they played. Throw the history of how you fared agaist a specific franchise out the window. Same with regular season stats. Neither goalie has faced the exact squad that will be playing tomorrow. FTLOF we do not even know who is going to be on the ice for the tomorrow.
  8. Wings-Sharks forward line match ups

    How about the 4th line? Who gets rolled out against Bernier, Clowe and Goc? Clowe makes up for not having Bell in the line up. Clowe can take care of the rough stuff. He made TooToo turtle pretty good after a Tootoo sucker punch.
  9. Wings-Sharks forward line match ups

    He is a healthy scratch. He has had a horrible year and absoutely played awful against the Preds. Who will the Wings throw on the 4th line?
  10. Wings-Sharks forward line match ups

    I am interested to see which lines you think Babcock and team will match against the Sharks lines, especially the forth line. Ron Wilson went with the following forward line combos to start the last couple of games against the Preds. 1. Michalek-Thornton-Cheechoo HT/WT 6.2/225 6.4/235 6.1/230 2. Guerin-Pavelski-Marleau 6.2/210 5.11/195 6.2/220 3. Grier-Brown-Rissmiller 6.1/225 60/195 6.4/215 4. Bernier-Goc-Clowe 6.2/235 6.1/205 6.2/215 The Sharks finished periods 2 and 3 of game 5 with Marleau, Thornton and Guerin on line 1 because Cheechoo was not at 100% and he struggled. Marleau scored the tying and winning goals set up by Guerin and Thornton respectively. Perhaps we will see this line up again. That being said, the Wings will likely see the aforementioned line combos to start game 1. 4. This line will likely prove to be the difference maker in this series and the reason the Sharks will give Detroit all they can handle. This is why RW can role 4 lines. They accounted for 3 goals against the Preds. They are big and physical and draw many holding and hooking penalties. I am very curious to see who the Wings will match up against them? 3. This is the line up that typically plays against the opponent’s top line. They have pretty much played together all year. Grier was stellar against the Preds. 2. Has seen some significant juggling all year. Mark Bell started the Preds series on this line and was pulled for game 3 and replaced by Pavelski. Pavelski responded by scoring and Bell has been left off the ice since. Guerin and Marleau have not really gelled yet and Guerin did not score a goal against the Preds. Still this is a pretty solid line 2. Marleau looks to be regaining his scoring touch. He struggled early in the series as did the line. But he ended up scoring the winning goal in game 4 on a tip in and as already mentioned the game tying and series winning goals in game 5. 1. Thornton has lead the league in assists two straight years and counted 6 assists against the Preds. His contribution cannot just be measured by points scored. He can dominate games. I have seen him do it a lot over the last two seasons. He is the reason the Sharks are where they are. CheeChoo, the Sharks leading goal scorer struggled because of a knee on knee injury suffered by Hartnell in game 1 and did not score in the series. Michalek scored 4 goals. If CheeChoo is healthy and productive this line should stand. Which forward lines will the Wings match up against the Sharks and why?