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  1. Red Wings and Babcock agree to three year contract

    Sweet. I wonder what will become of the assistant coaches.
  2. Official: Hasek announces retirement

    One of the best goalies of all time. You will be missed, Dominator!
  3. Just One More Comment About Officiating...

    I'm not usually one to complain about the officials either, but if you didn't see the obvious bias in this series, you weren't watching.
  4. ozzie

    Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! What a great guy.
  5. Mike Illitch

    I just assumed he was drunk. Hell, I would be if the team I owned just won the Stanley Cup! Alas, I don't own a team and I had to work, so I couldn't get too drunk.
  6. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    That's was awesome. Thanks to all of you who posted the links because I wasn't finding anything myself.
  7. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    Hudler's hilarious. I'm still pissed at ESPN. I love the stream but my tv had a bigger picture.
  8. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    ESPN News cut away from the Wings rally to show Phil Jackson blabbering about the game 1 loss. When is hockey going to get some respect?
  9. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    I switched to FSN. Carmen is driving me batty.
  10. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    "We don't do parking lots in Detroit." Haha!
  11. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    THANK YOU!!!!! There is NOTHING on TV here and the other link wouldn't work for me. My flash player is screwed up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  12. Stevie Y, Still a Class Act

    Stevie's middle name is Class.
  13. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    I'm still trying to figure out if there will be national coverage. I can't watch on line because my computer is screwy. I will probably have to settle for bits and pieces after the fact on ESPN.
  14. Championship Schadenfreude

    Agreed. Reminds me of when we had a UHL team. There were a few times when the wonderful fans of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, told us they hoped we and/or our players didn't make it home. Scary part is, I think they were serious. I admit some of our fans, especially when drunk, could be obnoxious as hell in the other team's barn when we won. But I'd never wish death on anyone over a freaking hockey game.
  15. Championship Schadenfreude

    Now I really can't wait to watch the Wings at the United Center next season. While wearing championship Wings' gear, of course.