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  1. Haha I haven't been on here in forever to even post
  2. This thread used to be so awesome....
  3. Havent been around much lately, but figured I'd pop in and post a few picstures from my wedding in June! My lovely Bridesmaids, Flower Girl and me. woohoo! we're married
  4. Bob Seger! Can't wait!!!
  5. We have the same hometown, haha
  6. Seriously? WTF is your problem
  7. agreed. thats where I got both of my jerseys from. They do AWESOME work
  8. You do the opposite than I did, your newest are at the wrist, mine were old at the wrist and newer toward the elbow haha
  9. haha, so eventually we should just mutate into one person I just hope no one out in public thinks we are brother and sister or something....that would be weird. I didnt think we looked all that much alike! maybe its just the picture?! and if we ever have kids they would be the palest, red headed kids ever haha
  10. I'm positive we arent related! haha Now you guys have me all worried what people will think when they see us out in public together
  11. I figure either that or that its been in the shower and gotten all wet and that too.
  12. they were a bit more $ than I had planned on spending....but they were just so pretty! haha blah, come on Wings, I need more red!!! I ended up having to get new cord when I put on the last bead, it wouldnt go through the bead, it was all soft and squishy or something....weird
  13. nice pics guys me and the boy down on the Pier yesterday
  14. my beads