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    Here's some insight into Hasek's instances of unorthodox goaltending...
  2. PS

    When Babcock was asked what needs to happen for the wings to win the series against the Sharks, he could only think of one thing....
  3. PS

    Ok, last Chelios pic.
  4. PS

    This is JLA at 15:00 in the third of Game 1.
  5. PS

    We'll see what happens in the next 65 years. 10 cups in 80 years seems do-able.
  6. PS

    Those crazy redwings and their halloween costumes. I found this pic of them from a couple years ago.
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    I figured out how Chelios has been able to play for so long....
  8. Personally, I wanted to play the wings next so there would be the possibility of an all California WCF, not because I thought it would be easier.
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    I hope I don't make anyone mad with my first post, I promise I'm not a troll. We had a Barry Trotz thread like this during the Nashville series and it was hilarious.