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  1. Here we go again. So tired of this!
  2. I watched, "When we were Kings", last night and heard this quote. Malik Bowens: Muhammad Ali, he was like a sleeping elephant. You can do whatever you want around a sleeping elephant; whatever you want. But when he wakes up, he tramples everything. LETS GO WINGS!!!!
  3. Did you guys see this on
  4. Well said. I must agree.
  5. Snore You call that playoff hockey? I've seen more exciting episodes of Jeopardy.
  6. certainly wasn't the intense game I was expecting. both teams looked flat. It was more like a regular season game than the playoffs. boring game if you ask me. BUT...I'm not giving up yet.
  7. PS

    finally ....I can go to bed. Posting is hard.
  8. PS

    Big Thanks!!!!
  9. PS

    anyone? anyone? how to post a pic? Nobody? Everybody working on their novel? Creating intersting storylines and plot twists? hmmm? how's that working out for you? Help!
  10. PS

    How do you post a picture?...sorry, new to the scene.