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  1. Red4wings4life

    1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    I cannot wait for the game tonight. It will be a classic. Wings will win. Hossa will get his cup. Osgood will get the MVP. Osgood for the hall of fame.
  2. Red4wings4life

    How can anyone blame the Refs for any of the Wings' losses?

    I will not say the Refs made the Wings lose, What I am saying is that the Refs are not calling the games fair. How many missed calls last night would have changed the game? I have no idea and nobody else does but those calls should have been made. Period. Either call the games the same from game 1 to the SCFs or explain each night what is going to be called and what is not going to be called. I mean come on guys, its stupid how the games are being called. In football a penalty is a a penalty no matter how much time is on the clock. That is how the NHL should be. Call the games the same no matter how much time or what game it is. That is all I am asking. That is all a true hockey fan wants. They want a penalty to be a penalty. PERIOD. The Wings lost last night due to lack of effort not because of the Refs but the Refs were horrible and it is embarrassing to true hockey fans. The NHL is a joke because of the Refs. The NHL is a joke to everyone including true hockey fans because of the way the league is calling games. A penalty in one game is not a penalty in another, that is just plain stupid no matter how you spin it. AGAIN - A penalty is a penalty. PERIOD. I do not care if it is Game 1 of the preseason or Game 7 of the SCF.
  3. Red4wings4life

    Chance of winning Friday

    95% chance the Wings win. 5% chance the Pens win. Numbers based on how both teams are playing and what both teams have show this series. When the Wings show up to play a full game, the Pens have no shot at winning.
  4. Red4wings4life

    No one wants this cup more than Crosby

    Crosby is the most overrated player in the NHL bar non. Do not get me wrong he is a good player and has alot of skill but he is not the next great one, he is not even the best player in the NHL. Malkin has proven that he is the number 1 star on the Pens. Staal is not far behind. Crosby is maybe 3rd on the team and maybe in the top 10 in the league. I am so sick of hearing about Crosby. What has he done in the SCF? If he was the best in the NHL he would have more to show in the finals, you know the biggest possible stage in hockey. Star players step up in big games and there are no bigger games in hockey then the SCF. Period. Crosby has not stepped up, he has not made a difference at all in the SCF. The title of this thread should be "No one wants this cup more for Crosby then Bettman" Look I am not one to blame the refs for a lose. I am the last person to do that in all honest and I do not believe the Wings lost because of the Refs last night BUT the refs were horrible last night. Down right bad. So many non calls all game that it was a joke, not a funny joke either. The call on Zett in the first period was just stupid, the hit on Rafaiski behind the net was down right criminal. He never touched the puck. Did anyone catch the first call on the Pens for that cross check, the only reason the Ref raised his arm to make the call was Pit had a scoring chance because of the cross check. I keep naming them but you all saw the game. Again the Wings lost because they decided to sleep though the first 2 periods not because of the Refs but come on, the refs have been bad all series and its a disgrace to the NHL and to all true hockey fans. Bettman is a disgrace to Hockey and all true hockey fans.
  5. Red4wings4life

    If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    Last night the Wings hit the switch all us fans know they have. They turned it off. I cannot explain why but they did not play for the first 50 minutes of the game. Only Ozzie played the full 60 minutes. Now saying that I have no doubt the Wings will win game 7. They were out played badly all game and still only lost by one goal. Wings in 7. I cannot explain why the Wings did not show up last night, it was very disappointing but kind of expected at least from my end. They tend to take games off for some reason. It will be very hard to wait till friday. The Wings are the better team when they decided to play. The Pens played great yesterday, I have to give them credit but lets face it, the Wings did not bring their A game. Plain and simple. Will I give props to the Pens if they win? Sure but I will not be able to watch Hockey next year because they will show crosby with the cup non stop and I cannot stand Crosby. Malkin is a better player then Crosby, Dats is a better player then Crosby, Zett is a better player then Crosby. I can keep going and going but you get the point. Crosby is overrated, the most overrated player in the league bar non.
  6. Red4wings4life

    Officiating Will be Tighter

    We all need to stop a talking about the Officiating. Seriously its getting old. All fans think the refs are calling the game in favor of the other team. Will Pit get more PPs tonight? Yes they will, does that mean anything? no. The Wings keep finding ways to win hockey games and until that changes I do not fear the Officiating. Look at the Duck series. Hossa's no goal, a few bad calls and still we won that series. We all just need to stop bitching and enjoy watching our Red Wings. I mean at some point the Wings have to go back to losing, it will happen. Maybe not next year or the following year but at some point the Wings will go back to being a okay team. We as fan should enjoy this team. Enjoy the cups, enjoy the run and most of all enjoy the players. Yea yea yea... I know I know I know but we need to stop bitching about the Refs and the NHL. There is nothing we can do to effect it and we have to just deal with it. Bitching does not help at all, in fact it takes away from the fact that our WINGS are 2 games away from another cup. sorry I just had to get that off my chest.... Sitting here at E3 in LA waiting for the Expo to start. GO WINGS. GO WINGS. GO WINGS.
  7. Red4wings4life

    Why the Wings will lose this series

    Bottem line is that Wings find a way to Win. Period. Does not matter if we are injuried, out shot, out played, ect. The Wings just find ways to win hockey games. 2 of 5 games should be no issue.
  8. Red4wings4life

    Why the Wings will lose this series

    He is squaring to the shooter and the shooter has to put it wide and it hits the post. I hear what your saying though. What I am saying is a shot off the post is not a shot on net and the goalie does not need to stop shots not on net.
  9. Red4wings4life

    Pens Boards, (merged)

    What people do not understand is that it is not "interference". The Wings have the same right to be on that spot of ice as the Pens player does. Just like the tying goal yesterday. Sammy has just as much of a right to that spot on the ice as Malkin. Sure Sammy got in his way but that is what his job is. He skated to the spot that Malkin wanted to use to get to the point, it is legal.
  10. Red4wings4life

    Why the Wings will lose this series

    Why should a goalie stop a puck that is not going to go into the net. That is what I think of when a puck hits the post. Ozzie is playing great, he is challenging shooters, He made a couple of saves last night at the top of the blue paint. That is confidence. A Goalie with Confidence is hard to beat. Then Ozzie gets to look down at the other end of the ice and think that Flurey is not worth the hype leading up to these series. He (MAF) looks shaky and is losing confidence after each goal.
  11. Red4wings4life

    Why the Wings will lose this series

    Yet the Wings still find a way to win hockey games. Period. We get out shot, out played but still win.
  12. Red4wings4life

    How many times must we say it!

    I never said we were going to win it or we did win it. I said that after 2 games it is clear that we have the better Defense and the better goalie and those are the 2 things you need to Win the Cup. Period. I know we only have 2 wins and we need 4. The Pens are not done, not by a long shot but lets face it, unless the Pens step on the Defense and Flurey starts playing like a real NHL goalie, they are screwed.
  13. Red4wings4life

    How many times must we say it!

    Seriously How many times does it have to be said. Defense WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. PERIOD. Defense in hockey includes goalies. This is true for all team sports. It is very clear after 2 games that the Wings have the better Defense and Goalie. Flurey is a weak goalie, he cannot play on the big stage. That is clear after last year and so far this year. Crosby proves yet again that he is the most over rated superstar in hockey. Superstars raise there game in important games and Crosby has proven time and again he cannot raise his game. Look at last year in the Finals and so far this year. You cannot be a superstar in this league unless you raise your game during the most important games. The Wings are winning Cups because Holland got the memo that Defense wins Championships.
  14. Red4wings4life

    The Hossa 'slash' (Dupuis broke his own stick)

    I got banned too and was going to do the same thing, just change my IP, I am at work and I run the network but I decided that was too much work just to read that morons reason for banning me. Name over on the board for all of one post was hockeyfan.
  15. Red4wings4life

    Delay of Game Penalty

    We as fans have to find some reason, outside of our team not playing well, a reason we lost. Same goes for us Wings fans. Sometimes we fans have a point and others we are just pissed that we lost. Just how it goes. It happens in all sports and it will happen forever. I do find it funny though.