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  1. The NHL is a piece of crap

    Not into conspiracy theories or believe that the NHL is trying to make certain teams win, at least not without more proof than just suspicions; but way too many games have been decided by the refs instead of the players in this playoff season. What do you expect when you put a greedy basketball lawyer in charge of the NHL. True story; a guy who knew a little about hockey took a girl as a date, to a hockey game. It was her first time and they sat in a section full of hard-core season ticket holders. After the guy had been trying to explain the game, about halfway through the first period, the girl clapped her hands and yelled, "I get it, it's just like basketball." After that the game got pretty physical, with many big hits and a couple of fights. After every big hit or fight, more and more people in the section they were sitting in started shouting "it's just like basketball". The guy and his date left their seats between the second and third period and didn't return. If Bettman is in charge of the NHL (no hitting league), much longer the girl will be right.
  2. WCF Game 4 GDT (5/17): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    Anaheim is a very good team, even without Pronger. If you look at the excellent pre-game stats though you see at a glance how important Pronger is. If the Wings don't take the Ducks lightly, and veteran team that they are, I don't Detroit will, the Wings will win. Ducks will come out in the first with a lot of fire, both because they are embarrassed about the last game and Duck's players will be trying to step up to make up for Pronger. If Wings can weather the storm, maybe take advantage of a Ducks mistake or two, the Wings will wear down the Ducks thinned-out defense and win going away by two or three goals. GO WINGS
  3. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Ducks

    This is good stuff. Have you seen the YouTube Wars between Buffalo and Ottowa? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8gQ8GwEu3o...ted&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUi1xoSUS5A...ted&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k49GauQgb8g...ted&search=
  4. Bob Probert Autograph Session

    YouTube some of Probert's old battles and it will make you wish he was still in prime fighting trim and suiting up for game 5. Wouldn't that be fun to see him go toe to toe with Pronger
  5. WCF Post-GAME 3 (5/15): Red Wings 5, Ducks 0

    Another great win by the Wings and another great shutout game by Hasek. Even after Detroit eliminated my Sharks, I was hoping the Wings would go on to the Cup, mainly because I didn't like the Ducks, but now I'm actually beginning to like this Wings team. BTW I wonder if the league will have the guts to overrule the on-ice officials and suspend Pronger instead of Niedermayer? It looked to me after watching many replays that it was Pronger not Niedermayer that went for the head shot.
  6. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    Yeah, I remember thinking at the time, how in the hell is that not interference, Chelios was nowhere near the puck? Check the video and you'll see that Perry clearly took a look before he looked away and pretended not to see Chelios as he ran into him. That's another example of why I hate the Ducks, It you thought Calgary was a cheap shot team, you haven't seen anything yet. I just hope the Wings survive this series with enought left to win the Cup.
  7. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    Giguere "The stick U idiot, use the stick." Carlyle "Nice try Beauchemin but maybe you should look at the Lidstrom save on Grier again to see how it's done."
  8. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    Wow, that's cool, I didn't know Barry Melrose was your brother-in-law.
  9. Bandwagon Wings Fans

    I will jump on the Wings bandwagon for two reasons. Wings are a great team, well-coached by Mike Babcock and fun to watch, except when you are playing against them. I hate the Ducks. GO WINGS
  10. Post-GAME 6 (5/7): Red Wings 2, Sharks 0

    Thanks for your comments and those of the other Wings fans in this thread that said nice things about the Sharks and their fans. Red Wings and their fans on LGW are a class act. Sharks brought it in the first period and were unlucky to be down 2-0 but Wings played a great shutdown defense once they got the lead, and as usual Wilson was unable to adjust when the game didn't go the way he had planned it. I hope he's gone but I hear he has one year left on his contract. Hope the Sharks buy him out or kick him up to Asst. GM or something. Sharks are a very talented and very young team so they will be back in the playoffs next year but they need a new and better coach to get them to the next level. Shouldn't be too hard to find one willing to take on the job. Great game and series Red Wings, Congrats and Good Luck against the Ducks. GO WINGS FOR THE CUP
  11. Post-Game 5 (5/5): Red Wings 4, Sharks 1

    Smack talk aside (lol Detroit Bones), the Sharks so far have gotten almost all their scoring from one line. Marleau and Guerin have been completely ineffective, Clowe is the only second liner to chip in a goal. The rest of the scoring has come from the D-man Carle and 3rd/4th liners Grier and Goc. Sharks second line was so bad that Wilson was giving 2nd line ice time to Goc's line last game, and Goc is primarily a defensive forward. As for Wilson, I have the feeling that he is a good technical coach as he has developed the young Sharks to be good two-way players, but Wilson sucks as a motivator. Once a game starts going bad, he doesn't seem to be able to turn it around, unlike Babcock. If Wilson's Sharks get blown out of the second round in 6 again this year I think he's gone. Of course I could be wrong as I was quite surprised that Nashville stuck with Trotz. That has to be good for Wings fans. Even as a Sharks fan, it doesn't look too good at this point but I am far from giving up, I'll be cheering them on Monday - GO SHARKS. I don't think we have seen the best of the Sharks yet in this series. Some of that I blame on Wilson, but mostly it's the Wings fault. Sharks and Wilson need to find a solution before they run out of time. We are now the last second round series going. Even if this series goes 7, I still believe either of these teams can take the Ducks.
  12. Post-Game 5 (5/5): Red Wings 4, Sharks 1

    http://www.letsgowings.com/forums/index.ph...2835&st=100 http://www.letsgowings.com/forums/index.ph...2835&st=113 http://www.letsgowings.com/forums/index.ph...2835&st=122 See posts #100, 113 and 122 - not sure why these links don't seem to go directly to the posts? But if it's smack you want - Just wait till we crush your tired old men in game 6, then come back to JLA in game 7 and break the hearts of Wings fans - sorry, thats about as smacky as I get on someone elses board.
  13. Post-Game 5 (5/5): Red Wings 4, Sharks 1

    Yeah, I wouldn't blame spamgoblin if he was, I feel like doing that myself after that game but it's hard to type with your thumb in your mouth. Great game by the Wings. You guys would be just about unbeatable with a completely healthy team. If you get by the Sharks, and that's still a big IF at this point, I hope you have enough left to take the Ducks and whoever comes out of the East. Wings of '07 are a great team with a lot of heart. Only really bright spot I can think of for the Sharks is that this game was only Detroit's third win in the Series and not the fourth. Sharks are paying the price for letting those earlier 2-0 leads get away from them, though that's also to the Wings credit. Looking forward to game 6 in SJ, I'll be making some noise, trying to help bring out the Sharks best. If the Sharks really bring it in game 6 and get the W, anything can happen in game 7. I hope Wings fans get to see another Wings-Sharks game at the JLA this season.
  14. HockeyBay?

    Great a hockey bash site, just what we need So is it impossible to get banned from HockeyBash? I notice that there are 44 posts bashing the Wings but only 11 bashing the Sharks.
  15. HockeyBay?

    Doesn't bother me either, whatever floats your boat. Don't they have bays on the great lakes?