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  1. Wings games in NYC?

    lived in NYC for 10 years now and I can say that there is no where good to go for RW games. However, I have heard, but never been to, a "Michigan bar" that shows all sorts of michigan sports (like the Iowa bar on the UWS). I'll try to find out the name of it for you. I gave up and got Center Ice when it came out, but obviously that wouldn't make sense for you.
  2. Redwings attendance articles

    Certainly the economy has had an effect on Wings ticket sales. A few posters have asked the good question, "why would this not affect Tigers/Pistons/Lions. I believe this is because those teams are on an upswing whereas the Wings have remained constant (successful). Therefore, we see a surge in that market. It would be different if all teams were sucessful and then the economy went down and then you would probably see a lowering in the attendance of all four teams. In sum, I think the variable is success, not Yzerman retiring or the cap.
  3. Burke whining again.

    What's even more annoying is that he wanted to know earier and then said" It could have waited until Monday" after the hall of fame induction ceremony. He is just angry and doesn't make sense.
  4. Words between Bowman and crawford

    Dude, I simply meant that it is ironic that we are worried about using curses but that we find it acceptable to use the word "***" which is deragotory. I read this one thread here once about gays in the NHL and was so impressed with how people on this board dealt with that issue. I just don't want people on the board to feel wierd because we use language that offends them. I don't care about being "PC", I just meant that the comment is offensive to *** people. I say curse all you want, especially when quoting, but why use the word "***" in a deragotory sense, even if Crawford is a loser.
  5. Words between Bowman and crawford

    I heard the same story, that Bowman didn't follow the bait. Also, I think the name "Crawfag" is kind of offensive and probably doesn't belong on the boards. Not to be too PC or anything, but it's offensive.
  6. Holland: Free Agent Shopping is Probably Done

    I totally agree that we should have been more active during the first few days of free agency, but it seems that people have forgotten that we did sign a lot of what would have been UFA's during the season, such as Dats, Maltby, Homer, Kronwall, Lebda, etc. Therefore, even through we did lose some UFA's, we avoided a lot of that by locking guys up in March/April. Just a thought.
  7. WCF Game 5 (5/20): Ducks @ Red Wings, 3pm ET

    What do you mean NBC won't air overtime, they will just cut the game off?
  8. TSN Player Rankings TSN's player rankings. I always enjoy looking at them. I don't want to start a debate if they are "right" or not, but it's interesting that Hasek is number 1. I would think Lidstrom would be higher, but then again, I guess he did have a couple questionable games in round 1. I also thought Datsyuk would be up there further. I guess the Cleary's solid play doesn't fit in their "statistical analysis". Go Wings!
  9. POST GAME - Game 1 (4/26) SJ 2 DET 0

    I have been reading the posts for years now and have always enjoyed this site. So, tonight I thought I would sign up and join the discussions. Lots of great people here, glad to finally post. Anyway, I think the giveaways in this game say it all. Detroit-27 SJ-5 Terrible game...Hope game 2 is a lot better