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  1. San Jose to Finals?

    That is a bit of a silly statement. Not sure a Red Wings team that finished 5th in the conference, and was on the outside looking in at the end of February, would look past the best team in the regular season LOL. That statement wasn't quite worth a post.
  2. Kronwall really has been missing in action this post-season. No big hits, sloppy on the blue-line as well. Very strange as it seems he is just not in on any of the action. Lidstrom has been okay, but you can see his skills on decline. I think Staurt has played fairly well with physical play, but against the Sharks, they seem to let many opportunties happen in the middle of the ice in the defensive zone, and with Howard having holes between the ice surface and his pads, that is not a good combo, and of course we are down 3-0 in the series. Just curious on Kronwall as he is just missin gout there.
  3. Versus Announcers

    announcer topics always drive me craz each year, in every sport. Announcers do not come on the air to be biased towards a have to give them a bit more respect than that. The do change their flow of words, as the game flows around them, and will talk about a team if they are playing well....just common sense. We always 'listen' with our homer ears, because it is our team. Think about the other games you watch that do not involve the Red Wings. Say you watch a Montreal/Washington game. Do you come away from that game thinking the announcers really favored one team over the other? I bet 95% of the time you never notice anything the announcers say that you think slights or favors a team, but if it's your team, boy those radar ears are up and you catch everything, and interpet it as your emotions are high watching the game. I'm hoping that makes sense I have broadcast hockey games for the last 10-years (on a lower level), so this topic always drives me nuts, but will always be there.
  4. Congrats to the Ducks

    I think the Ducks were better in games #1 and #6, #2 I thought was pretty even, and the Wings dominated #3,#4 and #5, only to lose 2-of-those-3 games. The better team does not always win, and I feel it held true in this series, but that is the better team does not always move on. Hats off to Gigure...he is just a rock solid goalie.
  5. Pronger: "They can't handle us 5-on-5..."

    I concour.....this is a good Ducks team, and they look better than the Wing's through 2-games. Now who should know better than Wing's fans, that the best team does not always wint he series? Should be a good one in Game 3, but we will have to come out very intense.
  6. assortment of Duck fan comments

    Kind of like Holmstrom in front of the net LOL. Do they Ducks have anyone that would pay the price?
  7. assortment of Duck fan comments

    Oh not worked up, just made for some funny reading. Really funny on the VS broadcasting on posts from both the DUcks and the Wings, each feeling they were favoring the that is funny. If you get worked up over announcers...thats bad. About the only time announcers have made me mad was Buck & Carver showing the Cardinal love in the World Series, but that was to be expected.
  8. My Views on Tonight's Game

    There were stretchs were both teams were good tonight, much like the Shark series at times. I did not think we played all that bad. The Ducks seem to be more physical than the Flames or Sharks, but really did not help them at all. I did not think the WIngs played all that bad.
  9. assortment of Duck fan comments

    Ducks fought hard but a fluky goal and a controversial goal do them in. no worry we have lost this one. the wings have had too much luck. The Red Wings didn't even score. We dominated. Just an unfortunate game. It will be different. The Wings win but the ducks beat themselves. If thats how the officiating is going to be called the rest of the series, maybe penner should get a cross check to Hasek, because OBVIOUSLY! you wont get called for goaltending interference, so why would you get called for cross checking. two lucky bounces against hurt us.. We should have won. Trust me I could go on, but have to go to bed sometime. These Duck fans seem a tad bit off kilter LOL
  10. Out of Market for tomorrows game? Too bad...

    Surprised no one mentioned the money issue....because this is what it is about. I bet if you saw what a 30-second spot for the Kentuckey Derby costs, compared to a 30-second spot for this game, you might be inclined to agree with NBC. Someone mentioned what would happen if this was done with the chance of that with the advertising income of that sport.
  11. Shark Thrown on Ice

    The key there is to make sure the Shark is dead
  12. POST GAME - Game 1 (4/26) SJ 2 DET 0

    The Sharks are a good team, no doubt, and stoled the first game on home ice which was huge for them, but that game did not seem as hard as a few of the Calgary games did. We had some decent chances, and their goalie played well, but there were alot of rebounds laying in front of the net with no one to clean them up and push them by the goalie. The Sharks D did a good job with his, but it's nice to see their goalie giving up rebounds. We need to find a way to gain more control in center ice, crash the net, and somehow get Bertizzui to know it's okay to shoot the puck....he does not look that good out there. All-in-all, I did not feel we played that bad against a good team, but the result has made game 2 oh-so-important for the Wings.