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  1. Now a 1 Game Series

    is this the best hip check of the playoffs or what? hehe, wings fans will get a kick out of this one... cheechoo should stick to scoring and let mclaren do the hip checking i think... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNn7TUHOIqk
  2. Nabokov vs. DET

    I didn't have the center ice package until last season, but I first started assessing Chelios' age factor in the Olympics. I think he had a pretty terrible showing in the Olympics, but that may be due to the fact that it's one big sprint playing nearly every day. And this made me think of my next point: 40 may be the new 30 but it aint the new 22. At 22 your body recovers so much faster than at 42. That's why I think if the series a tough grind and goes to 6 or 7, Sharks have an advantage due to youth. I respectfully disagree to anyone who says it's foolish to to think youth is a factor. Cheli and Lidstrom are obviously in AMAZING shape but they are still human. It will come down to the advantages of youth and size vs. advantages of experience. Lastly, Im' sorry about Holmstrom. He reminds Sharks fans of a more skilled Ricci. Ricci was a fan favorite for being a tough-it-out, take-the-abuse type guy. After I heard the eye injury was potentially very serious, resulting in no less than 3 games out, I felt bad that this happened to such a good guy.
  3. Message from a Sharks fan

    hey all, first post here. I've known defensemen for a litle while through boards, myspace, etc.. stand up guy and glad to see such a good thread here, (less SamADelphia). heh, the Sharks board is about 50 percent hockey and 50 percent randomness. People fight amongst each other on that board (myself included) more than we ever could with opposing teams' fans. It's sad. You should see Sam on the Sharks board - it's nothing but arguments with a few others. Sometimes it's entertaining, sometimes it's tedious. Never is it hockey related debates! anyhow, a little hockey talk from me now, if you don't mind: Sharks can't and don't expect to beat the wings in the same fashion as they did in game 1. Sharks are best protecting a lead when it's done at the other end. That's what they did so well in Nashville. I cant' imagine how frustrating that must have been for their fans! You saw spurts of this when Grier was out there but far too often the Sharks were content with clearing the puck and sitting back. Detroit got a plethora of shots but I give credit to the Sharks for blocking shot after shot, and then even more credit is due to nabokov. Sharks fans couldn't be more pleased with Nabby because the huge question mark with his play over the past year and a half has essentially disappeared. Whether it's the Sharks or Wings to advance, there's one thing we can all agree on: THE DUCKS BETTER NOT MAKE IT TO THE SCF!!!! ughhhhhhhhh Sharks or wings, PLEASE.