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    Ok, someone enlighten me on why calling a fluky goal "a fluky goal" is such a bad thing. I believe I've heard him say the Red Wings are a talented team and pointed out that they are the number one ranked team in the West. Some people just need to be a little less defensive and not base their opinions on one or two comments they've heard.
  2. Joe Thornton

    The funny thing was, when the trade for Thornton first happened there were a lot of Bruin fans that were happy about it. (and many not so happy) Joe had the reputation of disappearing in the playoffs and a large contingent in Boston actually felt like it was going to be a good change. Marco Sturm did pretty well when he first went over there and I remember a few posts from happy Bruins fans. You don't really see too many of those anymore. Even AFAN has gone quiet.
  3. GAME 2 (4/28): Sharks @ Red Wings (LIVE)

    I am really disappointed to see Mark Bell back in the lineup. I guess they figure they are paying him so much they should justify it. All we heard this year was how maybe he sucked but he just needed time to adjust. He just needed to get past his legal difficulties. He would become a factor in the playoffs. None of that happened. Joe Pavelski did get knocked around a bit in game one, but at least he's creative offensively. Mark Bell is lost on this team.