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  1. Message from a Sharks fan

    Hey Goblin, Haven't seen you since the new SJ boards came back online. How have you been? Good point. IF the Sharks & Ducks advanced. Here's to the Canucks showing some spunk and giving the Ducks a good run for their money. The only thing we can hope is that the Major amount of minutes S. Niedermeyer & Pronger play during the Regular & post season really start adding up. I think even the Wings fans here can agree with you about Dallas (although I think they're happier the Av's appear to be going the other direction). Personally If the Predators go the way of the Flyers it won't be soon enough for me. At least Dallas by enlarge plays the game within the rules.
  2. Message from a Sharks fan

    Depends Twisted, Anaheim rulled the roost between the Sharks & Wings, that's because they bullied their way when they couldn't out play... which was only when the 3rd / 4th line were out there and The twin powers were on the bench as well. The Ducks will make quick work of the Canucks. I can only hope the Sharks can do the same w/ the Wings. To that I'll add: This series will be the best WCF series this year. Highly talented players playing the game the right way; with just enough physicalty to prove this is PO hockey! Sharks in 6
  3. Message from a Sharks fan

    Hey Wing's fans. I guess you don't get that many Oilers or Preds fans (Sorry I just joined so I don't know what Flames fans are like). Last year and this year we had some pretty nasty trolls from their teams on the SJSharks boards. Samadelphia was one of the boards "protectors" although he was fighting fire w/ fire (fine by me because some of the trolls deserved it IMHO) Although this time I think Sam is off base here. The Sharks are a good team and I think they are better then the Wings as a whole especially with the injuries they have now. IMO, the lone factor the Wings have in their favor is the PO experience but that would really only work in a short series as the Sharks size could wear out the Wings older D by a 6th/7th game. The Sharks taking the first game was not good for the Wings as they need some major Home ice advantage. RW has a plethora of options to use when he gets the last change. Ironically I see the Wings "gentlemanly" play & playing the game the right way as actually their biggest detriment. The Sharks play a similar game (to nice in my book as they often don't finish the checks they have in front of them (save a few players, Grier & Clowe for example)). From what I've seen of the way the Wings play, they can rise up to any challenge and will play physical when forced to but usually aren't the ones "dishing" it out. On that note I see the Wings experience and overall talent able to take a couple games but still I see the Sharks winning in 6.