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  1. Why were the Sharks only 5th

    ummm.. Hate to say it but your math is a little faulty. There are 2 ways your math is faulty. 1. The Sharks had 20 points in 12 games against the Wing's divisional opponents. This works out to a 1.666PPG The Wings had 35 points in 24 games against their own division for a 1.46PPG. So if that pattern were to hold, the Sharks would have more points if they swapped places with the Wings and the Wings would have less. 2. The Wings gained 5 points in 31 games against the 5 weakest teams, and then gained 5 points in 51 games the rest of the time. This means that they were gaining points at a greater rate in their division, again pointing to the weaker division as the root cause. Not that I like the results, but I'm a math and physics teacher. I just had to point out the faulty application of math...
  2. GAME 4 GDT 5/2: Red Wings at Sharks LIVE

    That's not what I see at all. I see them forechecking and cycling the puck then getting shots on Hasek. Plus they play fantastic defense...
  3. GAME 4 GDT 5/2: Red Wings at Sharks LIVE

    If the Wings don't score in these last 5 minutes, I have a feeling this series is over. I just don't see them beating the Sharks 3 straight. I hate to be the negative one, but damn the Sharks are good...
  4. GAME 4 GDT 5/2: Red Wings at Sharks LIVE

    I'm used to it. I'm married...
  5. GAME 4 GDT 5/2: Red Wings at Sharks LIVE

    I didn't realize there was a Draperfan when I signed up. Just moved to the Pittsburgh rea and I'm trying to keep in touch with the Wings...
  6. GAME 4 GDT 5/2: Red Wings at Sharks LIVE

    The Wings look slow and sluggish out there. Hasek is saving their bacon big time. This is not looking good...
  7. Pre-GAME 4 (5/2): Red Wings @ Sharks - 10 PM ET

    I have a bad feeling about this one. The Sharks looked pretty damn good last game. Sharks 4-2.
  8. Paralyzed Snow Angel of Defeat

    Yep. Actually Nabokov was significantly better in both GAA and sv% in the regular season. Not sure about the playoffs...
  9. If you stayed up -- say aye

    Aye. 12:45 and had to be up by 5:30. can anyone beat that turnaround?
  10. What does Mikael Samuelsson bring to the table?

    Oh yeah that reminds me. Tooz wanted me to let you know it hurt his feelings...
  11. Now a 1 Game Series

    I'll go you one better. It's not a one game series, it's a 2 games single elimination. Not only do the Wings have to win game 4, they MUST win game 5 as well. If they go back to San Jose for game 6 down 3-2, the series is over.
  12. Hasek vs. Nabby

    Yeah, the Sharks do a fantastic job of clearing the puck on a rebound. The more I see of this team the more immpressed I am. I think the Wings might be in trouble...
  13. Joe Thornton

    I was going back to some of the old threads, and it looks like some of the Sharks fans were going on and on about their size. You guys beat up on one or 2 of them in particular. But I can sure see what they were talking about.
  14. Paralyzed Snow Angel of Defeat

    Nabokov is starting to show why the Sharks fans thought they had the advantage in net. Not saying Hasek is the reason the Wings are losing. Far from it. But Nabokov is a lot better then many Wings fans thought.
  15. Post-GAME 3 (4/30): Sharks 2, Red Wings 1 F

    Yeah, the posts sucked, but it could also have gone the other way. There were several chances for the Sharks where if the puck settles down for them it's an empty net. Could easily have been 4-2 either way...