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  1. Can someone please help me with this How can I watch the Wings playoff games online Free or a site to pay Thanks guys!! (not sure if this is a thread meant for general discussion. Feel free to move it) :-)
  2. LINDSTROM?!?!?

    I noticed it too I had to rewind it because I couldn't believe it!!!
  3. Hockeytown NON-Authentics

    Does anyone else think that Wings jerseys with nameplates look sooooo wrong? Yet, the Joe is full of them!
  4. Hockeytown is DEAD

    Hockeytown is dead - Home opener didn't sell out!! - massive amounts of empty seats during playoffs - being able to buy playoff tickets day of game! - the crowd cheers more for Mo Cheese than they do when the Wings score
  5. Hockeytown NON-Authentics

    Hockeytown Authentics is a joke. They can be so rude there! Another thing that pisses me off is how many people have jerseys with NAME PLATES! The Wings do NOT have name plates on their jerseys. do NOT order from nhl.com if you want an authenic Wings jersey. They put name plates on theirs too CRAZY!!!
  6. Fight in the stands at Joe Louis Tonight!

    Ya, no kidding! I was there with a 7 year old... not exactly a good reinforcement
  7. Chicago Wings fans?

    3 out of the 4 wings games in Chicago are on the weekend! I'll be there!!
  8. Fight in the stands at Joe Louis Tonight!

    I was at the game and the fight happened in my section (section 205) It was ridiculous! Wings guy and Leafs guy are screaming at eachother Leafs fan goes after Wings fan A whole bunch of Leafs fans start punching Wings fan Ushers try to break it up and can't The fight continues A woman is even involved at this point Everyone was standing up and watching the fight in the stands No one was watching the game at this point It was ridiculous!! I have wings season tickets and the only time I have EVER seen a fight in the stands has been when the Leafs are in town. They are a joke!!! I had garbage thrown at me when I cheered for the Wings 3rd goal Assholes
  9. Chicago Wings fans?

    The Gin Mill is the place to be if you're in Chicago. The place gets packed for playoff games. I've met some awesome wings fans there! Going to a game at the United Center in Wings gear is always fun. ha!
  10. Congrats to the Ducks

    It's almost embarrasing to be a red wings fan after reading this thread. Honestly... The Red Wings were outplayed and lost a series. Everyone keeps talking about how dirty the Ducks were. Outside of the Holmstrom hit (a suspension was given by the way).... I found this series to be cleaner than Calgary and not as charged as the San Jose series. I think after a few days people will see this in a different light. I know it stings now but the Red Wings didn't get it done.
  11. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    Best post in this thread.
  12. Am I the only one who reacts this way?

    I really don't think any of us cried last night..... if you're 13 or younger... I'll let it slide... but even though we're all fanatic wings fans...crying over a loss is just childish and weird. I really don't even think it's an issue though because I don't think anyone cried
  13. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    Absolutely! Finally some people that argree with me. Shaking hands is the RIGHT thing to do. Step up and be a man and shake hands.... regardless of how you feel about them. LOL I'd love to see him signed for 3 years too!
  14. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    If Pronger or one of the Neidermayer's didn't shake hands you guys would be all over it. Chelios is the oldest player in the league and he should know better. I really really think that the people who feel this way are too young to remember how dirty Chelios used to play.