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  1. My thoughts about the Wings

    Yeah, I figured as much. I don't know why I wasted my time. A Billy Madison return, pow.... great. Wooo Hooo. Go Wings 2008!!
  2. My thoughts about the Wings

    It's about capacity, you'll have to dig deeper to find meaning. Thanks for playing though...
  3. My thoughts about the Wings

    I'm Jealous, Wow! That was truly one deep hap handed attempt to throw and retrieve your opinions around with egg shells beneath your feet. During your whole whatever it was, with the story of being out of touch, clearly defining a lack of reason why you need an internet connection, I’m compelled to ask what part of your book was supposedly interesting to read, hell, beneficial in any case. So what was it that you actually said, while patting yourself on the back for whatever you probably said to a friend while eating Doritos and playing some video game with topless chicks? Anyway, what grabbed my attention for a reply to this topic was your enamored personality. Truthfully, I’m awed by the other members (candidates for wives) that offered great affection for the return like some Alexander the Great expedition that returned home after another compelling adventure. Without actually seeing your personality they jump on the wagon with no driver, the cliff hanger continues. Hahahhaha! Man you must love this guff! Side note: Please be more courteous to your admirers next time with segues that actually flow the read more consistently. I’ll take the time to read more if it’s delivered with less indigestion… bluuurp. Back to the story: Adjunct: I’ll be the regular user in this assessment…. Umm Hum (Clearing the knuckles) Detroit lost because of poor officiating, lackluster performances, some spotty coaching, sprawling idiots, and a lack of luck in the series. Anaheim on the other hand, well, basically they were very lucky at the right times and took advantage when they could. All other subsequent idolatry of the last two sentences can be ignored. END of Story! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love to be heckled by those who look in the mirror and dream the big dream… you know, delusions of grandeur and all, including the Gauntlet…ooops, I dropped it. Go Wings 2008!!
  4. If Hasek were to retire...

    All I want to know about our Goaltending is: Where is the future of the position for the Wings, like a Luongo! Hasek isn't a spring chicken, we need him to teach while he is still around. Granted he is one of the most unorthodox goaltenders of this era, his experience should prove valuable to a young goalie.? Are we willing to take it on the chin for a couple of years to grow this talent? : I'm tired of the same old rhetorical blabbering I hear about this issue every time the goaltending was questionable at best. A good goalie should manage a win or two during a Cup run on his own when the team shows up short, and if you get that, well that's all you can ask for! Lastly, all of the goaltenders through the years have benefited from strong Defensive morale and strategy(Anaheim Lucky too!), so how difficult is it to understand that no one person can save a series to win the CUP outright. It's fnn rediculous to think that the fans in this room are so bored as to start a question that requires a simplistic analogy to surmise the answer. I like Dom, he had the answer in more than just one game during this playoff series, nevertheless he needs to be replaced by the end of next year at the latest. So if he goes, well, he goes! Wish we would've had Dom from the beginning of his career, as I'm sure we would have more to look at in the Rafters! Go Wings 2008!
  5. Hank and Dats to Blame.

    Nice, a bottom liner that likes to drink and start s***! My kind of bro! Yeah, I'll agree with ya on the unlucky bounces and overall missed opportunities. Generally during the playoffs you need some luck, and well, to be honest, we had quite a bit in the Sharks series. More bottom line for ya! Go Wings 2008!!
  6. Hank and Dats to Blame.

    Well s***, with all of the holding, hooking, and general obstruction calls that were let go during the series for the Ducks, while the piss calls were made against us at critical momentum swinging situations, I would've preferred that they wait until the playoffs to cast the lot of calls when and where they were applicable. The Ducks are a holding and overly aggressive team in the Defensive zone, again when Detroit was also aggressive, so were the fnn refs! Granted, we cant say the Wings lost because of the Officiating, but I'm hard against the bit to say it was equal! Go Wings 2008!!
  7. Hank and Dats to Blame.

    I'll have to agree with you partially. The reason for the partiality is because of the Officiating that took place during this series. I couldn't be more disappointed with the league overall with some of the calls that were made. I mean come the f*** on, when does the call on Dats get made in game 5 on a 1 goal game. I Seriously couldn't believe that they made that call. If the team winning 1 - 0 was a Canadien team, that call just isn't made. Detroit just seems to get the brunt of all borderline calls. Basically I'm so fnn pissed about this loss to Anaheim, as Hasek starts flopping around in the crease, the team doesn't show up until the 3rd period in game 6, the officiating calls in game 5 couldn't have been more biased to extend the series, and where is Babcock in game 5 with some egregious theatrics to stall the game because of the call and rest the team while he is ejected! Yeah, we lost, but damn if the Wings didn't beat themselves. After Game 3 Anaheim was prime for the picking, but again nothing was done to fortify the position for the series win. Allowing Anaheim back in the series was a tragic mistake by the coaching staff, and rightfully I call Babcock on this. He mentioned in an article that he was proud of the team, but I was unhappy with his performance in preparing the club for every game in this series. We can count a 100 different ways that Detroit probably could've won the series, but the fact is we didn't and the Wings better be ready for some young talent in the near future... very near! I'd like to keep Chelios in the system, but strictly as a Defensive Coach, I believe he is done as an active player for the Wings. Go Wings 2008!!
  8. Yzerman on "Behind The Mask" last night

    WTF??? I had to read your reply two times to get a general understanding that you were attacking the question and not Steve Y. Just drop the "but c'mon" and all will be fine. I hope you have better intercommunication face to face. GO Wings!!!
  9. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    I like the last part of that reply, well actually I liked the Disclaimer you threw out there, real nice like! Well, I'll allow you to be right tonight, as I like allowing those who love themselves the right of self facilitating banter. Yeah, they won and that's what really matters. Go Wings!
  10. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    Simply put, you can grab in the air and get what you want, every player tonight from both teams was beaten at some point. I believe that you can muster a better reply than "try remembering a bit" try getting on the winning team and remember how tough this game is.... oh yeah you probably don't have a clue about that. Go Wings!
  11. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    Didn't see what you did, are you sure your head isn't smelling like poop right now. Saw Lang playing very hard tonight and thought he had some good chances too. Stop bashing this guy, he was worth the dough tonight. Go Wings!
  12. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    Disagree completely. If you wanted to see lame, look for Calder, asbsolutely no power at all. Was pushed around in both zones. Bad call on #20 though.... terrible in fact. Go Wings!
  13. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    Yaeh, what is up with Calder anyway. He looks scared out there and I haven't seen any hard hits from the guy at all! Where is the little guy, at least he might put some shots on net. Great game though. I think that was the best game that the Ducks have and we rolled and took it!!! In your face Anaheim, WE WANT THE CUP!!!! Go Wings!!
  14. Post-GAME 1: Red Wings 2, Ducks 1

    The Puck is in Giggy's glove and he doesn't even know it!!! He drops his hand and the puck rolls in with a little help! WHAT A GAME!!!! Lets GO RED WINGS!!
  15. Top Ten Red Wing plays so far.......Pick 'em

    Excellent list, indeed T'was beautiful to watch! God Speed to you young Galen. Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as he is pure. God Bless. Excellent list, indeed T'was beautiful to watch! God Speed to you young Galen. Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as he is pure. 1 John 2-3 God Bless. Sorry for the repeat...