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  1. Schweiz 3 USA 0 Sorry guys, that feels too good, let me be happy
  2. Let's Go Red Wings! Kick Blackhawk-ass AND Let's Go Country!!! I hope Brunner scores and my Swiss give it to the US! Maaaan that would be a great night!! Ps: yes, here it's gonna be night already
  3. We want you Pavel, (to grow old with us ) !!!
  4. Made me angry at first place and the response from the department of player player safety made me - as expected - more angry. A 2'500$ fine for Weber is almost like 25$ for one of our kinds.. it's a joke. What does it have to do with "player safety" if they consider the fact that Zetterberg didn't get seriously injured, much stronger than that the whole act by Weber was purely done on purpose, 2 seconds before the whistle. And wouldn't it be playoffs the rulebook would be interpreted differently anyways..
  5. atrocious!! ..i just learned a new word!
  6. ..let me guess that's boarding? after playing icehockey for the last 23 years and seeing the hit on Franzen .. i just happend to not know what boarding was then for those refs
  7. Bryzgalov was stunned after that first shot
  8. wooa Dat's god !
  9. I just love how Homer battles and contributes! Just awesome, like at that 2nd goal.. Amazing what he goes trough in front of that net game for game!! I'd freak out hope keeps playing with us looooong time!!!
  10. Hey thanks, and congrats to him :beerbuddy: 4 - 1 is my prediction. 1-0 Helm 1-1 duh.. 2-1 Homer 3-1 Cleary 4-1 Cleary
  11. :siren: Wuuuhuuu .. WE WIN BIG TONIGHT!! :siren: ..after all it's my birthday
  12. too bad! Would be good to have him back for game 4 (for convidence but ey other guys can, have to and will step up.. I expect to see a lot from Helm & Filp. And still hope to see mor from Huds
  13. 1 minute to go and i thought i saw it coming.. Very unnecessary goal to get right at the end of the period. Why were two wings trying to check a duck over the boards AT THE BLUELINE while the other quacks shove it in.. beyond me. Nice effort ..not much gain But we will win this one i am sure of it ! LGW
  14. AWESOME! Thank you! now i will stay up, at least it's 3.43 A.M. here in Europe!! ;D GO WINGS !!!