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  1. Players and Number

    30- The number of shots Ozzie will never face in a game this season.
  2. Over/Under

    Sammy 28 goals in Vancouver : Under Huds 56 points in the KHL : Under (quicker paced, he won't keep up) Datsyuk 100 pts : Over Wings 47 wins : Under (45-- more SO losses will make up some points) Ozzie 50 starts : Over (they won't give Howard a ton of starts) Wings under 2.5 goals against per game : Over (With the new NHL, 2.5 is hard to get, with or without a good D-core) Mule 40 goals : Over Ovie 60 goals : Under (57) Wings 10 fighting majors : Under (Are you serious?) Crosby 120 pts : Under (105) Tavares 20 goals: Over (He's the big gun for the Islanders, and will get 18-20 minutes per game; he bound to score at least 20)
  3. Vancouver to play 14 straight road games.

    Probably because Olympic hockey is played on Olympic sized ice and the ice will be prepared to fit that size ahead of time. So, I'm assuming that is why.
  4. Trade for Laraque!

    He doesnt drop the gloves because no one has the balls to drop them with him. (i.e. role players such as Datsyuk, Hank, Lids.... etc are safe from being screwed with) because no one wants to answer to Laraque There may be better people out there, but are they going to come at a bargain like Laraque probably would?
  5. Chris Osgood, Possible Conn Smythe? HOF?

  6. Kronwall, Havlat Hit

    Whoever posted the picture of Kronwall hitting Havlat and pinpointing where his elbows, feet, shoulder, and puck was; Could you post that again or email me at darylraasch@yahoo.com?
  7. The Most Overrated/Underrated Superstar

    I know a lot of you say that Crosby is overrated, but think about this..... Is he really overrated or over talked about? I mean, i think he has the numbers to back up the fact that he's a super star. I think its just the fact that no one ever shuts up about him.
  8. Maltby DVD Signing?

    Is this supposed to be the Hockeytown 4 DVD?
  9. Marian Hossa a Red Wing, 1yr, $7.45m

    Any truth to this rumor?
  10. People please...

    I'm with you on this one dude! (1) Holland is the reason that this organization is where it is today. (2) Lidstrom is a great captain, just because he hasn't won a cup in the time he has been captain doesn't make him a bad captain. Let us not forget that Yzerman was captain for 11 years before he won a cup. (that is not a blow to Yzerman either, he is the greatest captin ever! but these people starting new captain threads a just plain stupid and obviously dont know how hard it really is to win a cup!) *Oh... and Z is retarted, whoever said that is probably the retarted one.
  11. Andreas Lilja's Resume

    If you look at the play, it was Stuart going into that scrum to make a pointless hit that caused the odd man rush which caused the third goal!
  12. The Yankees of the NHL?

    I heard it on ESPN two nights ago
  13. The Yankees of the NHL?

    I dont know if a topic has already been started about this but I am sick and tired of the Wings being called the Yankees of the NHL! They dont just go out and buy their talent. I liked the statistic last night... that nearly half of the Wings starting roster last night was made up of their own draft picks. Where as lets just use... idk.... the Ducks for starters, they only have 3 players on their roster that they drafted (Getzlaf, Perry , Ryan). Plus, in the salary cap era, you cant have a Yankees because everyone can only spend a specified amount of money. *just for another quick fact... the Wings are 12th out of 30 in the salary department (ANA, BOS, CGY, CHI, DAL, EDM, NYR, PHI, STL, TOR, and VAN) ***thoughts?
  14. Melrose: "Detroit looked super"

    the non sellouts around the league are all thanks to that pig of a commissioner "rat face" gary bettman!
  15. In Your Opinion...