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  1. #nolockout
  2. I'm sure all 5 people in attendance would love it!
  3. 71 page GDT good effort LGW. Good effort from the wings, I'm actually more confident moving forward in this series now than I was before game 1 started. Especially when Webber gets suspended (you would think so anyway) Go Wings!
  4. This is almost heartbreaking to watch
  5. You have outdone yourself this year. That look awesome. Great job!
  6. PS

    I suck at PS but i had some time to kill..
  7. Whilst I agree with both of you that the 'history will be made' commercials are way better, I think these ones do a better job of appealing to people who don't already watch hockey and hence have no real connections with the historic moments featured in last years ads.
  8. Probably the best drama on TV at the moment and up there with some of the greats of all time.
  9. 21!
  10. All Australian team: .
  11. A really good read.
  12. Rules aside..that Kane goal is pretty sick. Made the goalie look stupid.
  13. Can't wait to see the Wings featured on 24/7!
  14. I don't think so. I'm visiting the states for the first time in my life (I fly out on Friday morning) and I will be attending a few rangers games and a game in Boston. I'll be buying a jersey for both teams and wearing them pretty often. I'll also be buying a lot of player T-shirts for different players that I like eg, Stamkos, Ovechkin, Kovalchuck etc. Maybe it's different because I don't live with people who live and breathe hockey like I do, but I definitely don't feel dirty wearing other teams stuff. Unless I'm watching Detroit play of course, in which case it's Red wings only gear.