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  1. Pre-GAME 4 (5/2): Red Wings @ Sharks - 10 PM ET

    the wings know what they have to do and tomorrow is a pretty big game, i think with homer back in the lineup we will be a lot better overall because he'll be creating the havoc we need in front of the net. Nabokov has had it pretty easy so far without too much traffic so i can't wait to see homer back in the line up. As for Dom he's got a big game on his plate but he knows that he has to be strong and get the job done. Wings should win this one, i'm feeling pretty confident. GO WINGS!!!!
  2. Paralyzed Snow Angel of Defeat

    Hasek's style makes him what he is, grant that i did think the goal he kinda gave away in the second game was a miscue on his part but still he's one hell of a goalie. he's done a whole hell of a lot for us that others couldn't in net. I do get nervous when he "snow angels" but i trust that he's going to make the key save as he has done night in and night out, he is our man and is the one who should be with detroit
  3. Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    I'm from SC, going to colllege in AL at AU, but my brother got me hooked on them in 96' and watched a couple of games with him and saw how good they were and then they won back to back in 96'&97' and i've been hooked ever since; thought i would lose some love for them when stevie y. retired and everyone else left but i just fell in love with them more and now i kick myself everyday for ever thinking that