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  1. Kcjacoby

  2. Best Red Wings Picture in a while...

    rules rules rules... I was here before they had issues with that.. lol. thanks though
  3. Sorry if this is a repost, but I have recently started to see this pop up around the web... but I think this is just a kick @$$ photo.. Go Wings! And God Bless America!!!
  4. Osgood may retire following this season

    A legend with problems.
  5. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    They are interviewing Holland on Tigers Live, coming up in a few minutes!
  6. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    Fox Sports Detroit I'm sure...
  7. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    I'm listening to the Dallas radio show to see if I hear anything about it.
  8. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    Checking in on a Dallas Newspaper source, someone is saying that they just received a text saying that Modano has signed... http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/spt/hockey/stars/stories/070610dnspostarsmodano.10ffd4148.html I always hate believing other newspaper sources... but.. who knows!

    All I've got to say is NBC is a piece of $hit... screwing all of us true fans who would love to throw money towards some charity out the window... but now because of their whinings of the detroit market area.. we get pucked over, and now we cannot enjoy the rush of enjoying it with 8K of our fellow fans... Wanna learn how to get ratings? How about taking stupid shows such as, "I'm a dumbass celeb.. get me the hell outta here" Take it off the air, then draw and quarter the damn idiot that came up with that idea... and then say.. "Hmmm what do our viewers want?" CBC all the way. Asshats...
  10. WCSF GAME 5 GDT: Ducks 1 at Red Wings 4

    Ahhh.. gotta love when you send a Swine Flu care package...
  11. WCSF GAME 5 GDT: Ducks 1 at Red Wings 4

    You're right on the dot.. ever since he did.. the ducks have sucked even more than they did before!!! Go Wings!
  12. Pasha flipping puck over net to Cleary

    I think Redmond pointed out something about it... about how it could have been interferance on the Ducks Dman, but then again, Pav almost could have gotten whistled for tripping... It was still pretty damn cool..
  13. 2009 Round 2 Photoshop War: Anaheim Ducks

    Hell Yes! Perfection!
  14. Blue Jackets on alert for Octopi

    Go Wings!!!!
  15. Fight in the stands

    Anyone get any pictures of the Octopus that made it onto the ice?