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  1. haha, LMAO! I don't know I think that Lilja takes it....he is one fine man.
  2. I haven't been able to watch ESPN or any sports related channel all weekend, b/c I just wasn't ready to see anything cup related. It's nice to know there are some other ladies out there that cried as well. I was pretty embarrassed in myself, that I burst into tears later that night. I have a feeling all the drinks had something to do with it, but I'm just totally bummed out over this. I'm proud of our team. It was a great year, but we just came up short.
  3. I won't be able to be on LGW tonite, so I wanted to post in this thread now. It's part of my playoff gameday routine and I don't want to mess with my juju. Take care of business boys! We want the cup! We want the cup! GO WINGS!
  4. I saw a Red Wings car flag on my way to work, and then got in the elevator and the guy next to me had on a Red wings shirt! Best fans ever --- showing the support all the way down in ATL! Can't wait for the game! Go wings! Lets go Red Wings! We want the cup!
  5. My nerves are totally shot. Let's wrap this up right guys! We want the cup! So excited! LETS GO WINGS!!
  7. f*** YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO GAME 7!
  8. Lets go WIngs!!!!!! Come on guys. Lets get this tied up now!!!!
  9. I am in disbelief that we still have not been on th PP. Pick up the pace and I could go without the odd man rushes. Nice work Ozzie! Come on Hossa. Tie it up for us! Score a goal...NOW!
  10. Come on Wings!! you can do it!
  11. Man, lets give Ozzie a little more the work with guys! We need to get a goal before the end of the period.
  12. Total bummer about Dats, but let's get on them early tonite! Go wings!
  13. God, back to the games where my nerves are outta control! Lets go WIngs!!! I'm loving Ozzie out there!
  14. LETS GO RED WINGS!!!!! Everytime the Hawks even touch the puck, I feel like I could throw up....uhhH!! hates it