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  1. signed

    Awful, terrible, nasty signing!!!!
  2. I thought that Tampa was winning the cup last year... I'd love to see them do it. They're a fantastic team with a lot of speed, depth and skill.
  3. I've thought Andersson's been good. He always moves his legs, is a good PK-er, and has a responsible hockey sense. He'll never score any goals, but he's really a perfect 4th liner. He just never played with anybody good.
  4. gdt

    They aren't clicking at all tonight
  5. Larkin is way better than the market will value him, so he's just not the type of player that'll go. I can only see him getting traded for somebody very similar to him in ability, age and experience. Not sure who that'd be, and the Wings would have no reason to trade him for a guy in the same role.
  6. I'd like to see Anderson on the team. He's at least quick and defensively responsible. He gobbles up a spot without any risk.
  7. Mantha threw some bombs. This is a freaking great preseason game. Awesome hit by 72
  8. Maybe he thought he was on the bench and just wanted to stick his hand out? Little bit of an F-you to Babs? HAHA
  9. I think Nyquist might turn into a Datsyuk-like player and put up more assists than goals each year. Tatar is going to be the benefactor of many beautiful setups.
  10. Aw no shut out. Leafs suck
  11. Jensen looked great... surprise surprise (sarcastic)
  12. Is Sheahan going to wear the A all season long or is this just a preseason thing?
  13. I loved Zids and wished he come back, but now I can root for him on the Islanders, a team I am liking more and more
  14. Brad Stuart taking Perry down at 40 seconds. He made the Wings so dynamic
  15. Cooper's a big baby. Even though the Bolts won the series, having Cooper behind the bench is a big loss.