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  1. Datsyuk or Howard. I'll lean toward Datsyuk, he had the game winner today.
  2. That is an Associated Press article.
  3. What the F&)K ever dude. If the defenseman had played the puck he would have atleast had a chance. Ozzy was hung out to dry many times in the Finals. Our defense played way worse than they should have and are to blame for this choke.
  4. o rly?
  5. see you in detroit on friday...
  6. Its not just Hossa who looks like hes not skating, most of the team looks more lost than Hansel and Gretel out there.
  7. this is pretty frustrating to watch. Wings can't really get anything going, and the refs arent calling anything in our favor. It seems as if we aren't all there mentally today for some reason. Gotta shake the cobwebs, quick.
  8. we are not playing very well at all. sluggish with too many missed passes/turnovers. turn it around boys! lets go!
  9. He had an assist tonight too! OZZIE!
  10. too much standing around...this game is looking ugly
  11. We're in trouble here...poor passing and down 2 goals. The Wings better step it up or this is going back to Pitt.
  12. Will any ballsy Red Wings fans will toss the seafood on the ice tonight?
  13. The team looked sloppy tonight. Oh and Chelios needs to hang'em up after this season, because he is almost worthless out there.
  14. I don't think it will be too bad, certainly the ice won't be as good as a northern team, but climate control these days is much easier and American Airlines Center is a quality arena.