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  1. Help? - Looking for Finals Tickets Presale Code

    Just got tickets thr ticketmaster at the season ticket holder prices - ticketmaster is no longer requiring a password. Same seats I looked at this afternoon for 247, I just picked up for 170!!! Game 5 - I'm so excited!
  2. Help? - Looking for Finals Tickets Presale Code

    if you go to the presale page at ticketmaster, you can see both the drop down choices for the season ticket holder vs red wings world prices. $247 per ticket for upper, upper, upper bowl at regular prices - OUCH!
  3. Game2 - Anyone going?

    Just curious if anyone going to the game tonight would be willing to pick up one of the head-to-head pucks for me - I'll shoot you some cash through paypal if anyone is willing to buy one and mail it to me. My husband collects these from each round, but it isn't looking like we will be going to any games this round, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. First time at the Joe

    We used to park at Cobo roof as others have said because it's reasonable and convenient, but then we just parked, went to game, and went home. I woudl recommend parking at greektown casino and using hte ppl mover if you plan to make it an all day outing. we hang in greektown before games. we like the casino and the food in greektown (astoria bakery is THE BEST!). have never been too impressed with hockeytown cafe. greektown free parking at the casino and ppl mover is cheap, fast and convenient. Ppl mover will also get you close to hockeytown cafe and comerica park if you still want to see the sites. we always find the ppl mover the easiest to get around when going to games/parades ect enjoy the game!
  5. Sunday's game against the Wild moved to 12:30 on NBC

    yes - it is on Sunday
  6. 2/10 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Predators 3

    Hey - all! Long time, no post! Just caught the intermission interview with Drapes - no "A"?
  7. First time in Michigan

    When you play GVSU in Hudsonville, the closest mall is Rivertown Crossings in Grandville (Both are just on the skirts of Grand Rapids, so if you are in town long enough, get down to a Grand Rapids Griffin's game!!) Hat World or Dick's Sporting Goods will be your best best. My husband purchased his Winter Classic "stocking hat" through if that's the one you are referring to.
  8. Parking?

    We usually either park on Cobo Roof or like others said, park at the Greektown Casino and take the people mover - it drops you off right at JLA. I think the casino players club desk will even give you the people mover tokes (but they are only .50 anyways!) and I think the PM picks up every 10 mins or so. Greektown is a lot of fun before and after the games There will be plenty of Wings fans at Greektown to give you directions. We'll be there on the 10th for the Buffalo game!
  9. Griffins Fire Head Coach

    That didn't last long...maybe they should have just kept Ireland. Griffs looked pathetic for most of last season; The talent on that team did not show on ice most of the games. Here's hoping to get that team back to performing like future Wings!
  10. Red Wings Cup Champs Book and Medallions

    We have that book - they were selling them at The Joe on parade day. It's very cool! For everyone that ordered it, you will be happy you did!!! (Maybe they ran out of their initial stock and the remaining orders are still in production??)
  11. Game 6 DVD & Extra's

    I will def DVD's and postage if someone could put this on disc. We hardly got any post game coverage in Grand Rapids and I'm so jealous from the Ch 4 bits and pieces I have seen on youtube! Let me know where to send DVDs/postage! or PM me and THANKS to everyone with the abilities to put these on discs for the rest of us!
  12. Jimmy Howard

    I'm not sold on Larsson until we actually see him play. Stephan Liv was suppossed to be "the next great thing" for us as well, but he was never able to adapt to the AHL/NHL game. I believe I read that we have already released all rights to him.
  13. Waterford Crystal 2008 Stanley Cup Puck

    OUCH! They still have some of the 97 or 98 ones for sale at Authentics and JLA. I think they were only $55 or $65...
  14. Jiri Fischer, should he get his name on cup?

    He will definately get a ring. My husband and I went to JLA after the parade to buy some merchandise from the little shop by the ticket office that was open. Because it is so small, they had a security guy at the door only letting 2 people in to the store at a time. My husband noticed he had a Stanley Cup ring! We started talking to him and he said there are 5 "tiers" of rings that are given out - with the most elite and flashy going to the players, management, ect. The higher you are within the organization, the better ring you will get. (We got home, got online and started browsing the available positions! LOL) He told us that this will be his 5th cup ring - his first was from the 54-55 season! Amazing! (He also has a Tigers ring and a Lions one from the 50's when he was a waterboy!) And they are all being handed down to his grandchildren (I of course asked if he wanted to adopt one more!). Anyways, it was a neat little story to end our very fun day at the parade!
  15. Parade Attendance? 1.4 MILLION?

    We came in from GR and people we chatted with were from all over the place. I believe there were well over a million at the parade, but we like many others decided not to fight the crowds and get into Hart for the end. It was a very FUN day! Thanks to all the cool people in Detroit for welcoming us all!