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  1. Good to see Sproul sticking in the lineup!
  3. FSD will have the games on the 23rd and 24th. FSD+ will have the Oct. 2nd game.
  4. has always streamed the episodes in the past so I'm sure they will again. If you don't have a membership and want to watch them then you could wait until they all are aired then buy a one day membership and watch them all on demand.
  5. It was determined that because Krejci did not sustain any significant injury that there would be no suspension. The glass was simply "playing playoff hockey."
  6. Don't worry, $2,500 is the LEAGUE MAXIMUM! Justice has been served.
  7. He's a friend of a friend of mine on Facebook so I'm able to stalk him... He just recently added Nicklas Lidstrom to his list of inspirational people... He's ours.
  8. Well, Russia is actually in Asia and Europe, so he got his ass kicked by a Eurasian... Even worse.
  9. What do you guys think!?
  10. We played a good game last night. Too bad it didn't turn out in the Wings' favor, but what hurts the most is losing in front of those Nashville fans. They chanted "you suck" more than they cheered their own team on.
  11. Excited for this one! Hope Filpoola is back in the lineup and Howie starts.
  12. Pretty sure Konnan was mimicking other posters here.
  13. The fact our first loss was a prison-sexing could actually be a good thing if you're thinking positively... Now it's time for the players and coaching staff to step back and assess the issues.