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  1. Abdelkader is too much of a brainless banger to get it. Give it to Danny D.
  2. To those who want Okposo: He's looking at a contract of at least 7 million according to sources and there are rumors that with Stamkos gone that could balloon to near 8, as a lot of teams need to answer scoring concerns. He's got a skill set that has been shown to potentially age like milk and wants a massive contract, well beyond his worth. This could be David Clarkson level bad contract before it's over.
  3. As I said, they both had major red flags. One season of good production shouldn't lead to a long term high dollar contract. And with new league rules on concussion protocol, signing anyone coming off of a head injury isn't a smart idea. Especially one that declined right before they went FA.
  4. Stamjesus the one who was supposed to resurrect this team from the dead.
  5. The American economy, where a lot of these signings occurred, though, is doing wonderfully. I could see your argument if Stamkos was on the board, but with Stamkos off the board Staal becomes one of the top centers available. This was a win-fall for him.
  6. Weiss says hello. Clarkson says hello. Semin says hello. Pouliot says hello. Orpik says hello. Clowe says hello. And those are just off the top of my head. Seriously, there have been 2-3 terrible signings a year of players who had series red flags, just because teams were desperate to fill a position. Staal's agent isn't stupid and with Stamoks gone it's a sellers market.
  7. At 31, and being the best available center on the board he has no reason to take a value contract. He's had a couple down years, but, who else are teams like the Wings going to sign? I don't know if this is your first year following free agency, but a lot of players a lot worse than Staal have cashed in on being the best available player, despite huge red flags.
  8. Why would he take a reasonable term? He's at the end of his prime, this is his last long term high dollar contract. With Stamkos off the board he would do himself a disservice taking a value contract.
  9. Don't worry, Helm is due of a raise. Detroit will be #1 soon!
  10. GDT

    Teehee.. But I agree.
  11. GDT

    Don't try to reason with people. Pulkks is providing scoring depth this team desperately needs yet he gets blamed for all that's wrong with this team. How about blaming players like Abdelkader or Kronwall who are top minute players who look between mediocre and hot garbage instead of a rookie?
  12. GDT

    Yeah, I mean 10 points, on pace for 25/40 this year is terrible out of a rookie. And I mean Detroit has no problem scoring so they should get rid of their players that can score.
  13. Sheahan is being converted to the wing because he's not showing any ability to be anything but a meh center. Larkin is young and they aren't trusting him to be a center (whenever he takes a draw he has either Z or Glendening out with him, usually the latter which kills any offense the line could produce). That leaves Z-Pav-Helm-Glendening down the middle.Not really a great middle of the offense, especially since Z and Dats play together half of the games (home games) by all indications. As for prospects, AA looks to be a Helm replacement. His numbers in the AHL/CHL have mirrored Helm's almost perfectly.
  14. It's not a patch. It's the better part of decade of being irrelevant as a team.
  15. Don't blame Blash for the fact this team is lacking center and defensive depth. Don't blame Blash for 7+ years of Holland Complacency.