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  1. I don't get it. Whoever started this thread most have been denied a handshake by someone.
  2. Much ado about NOTHING.
  3. Got that right. Still say Cheli's parents should give him a good talkin' to for being so insensitive.
  4. Mind your own business. I support Cheli and don't need to hear from a fan from another team criticizing him.
  5. Definitely need a scorer on the PP like Shanny.
  6. Oh My God, how insensitive. Gee, call his parents, maybe they'll have a talk with him. Meanwhile, buzz off. Chelios is a #$%^&& baller and I support him. So there.
  7. Amen, brother.
  8. I agree. This is such a sophomoric thread. Is it going to affect your life that much that Cheli didn't shake hands. Who gives a rat's ass. Quit whining just because you don't agree with his decision.
  9. How many cups does Anaheim have anyway? Cheli a loser? That has to be the dumbest post yet. I couldn't care less if he shook hands or not. Tradition or not, he had his reasons and I respect him for it. Cheli has his name on the cup, more than I can say for any of the Ducks. Now just shut up, moron.
  10. Never said it was Hasek's fault----said he can't be expected to carry the load, meaning next season.
  11. I'm going to bed. Lose 3 in a row to freakin' Anaheim. My God, what changes will this team make....need a new goalie....Legace sure wasn't the answer. Dom can't be expected to carry the load at his age.
  12. nope, not an auspicious start.
  13. Hate playing from behind, especially against a physical team like this.
  14. Nervous, but that's normal. But very confident.
  15. Keys to winning tonight: Special Teams Stay out of the freakin' penalty box----though it's hard to do with these refs Score first----let them play catch-up Resolve----Just keep peppering the net Dom has to be big flukies.