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  1. Crosby gets a Gordie Howe Hat Trick

    This is true, that Gordie only really had one or two, but the fact of the matter is that he played in a much more relexed era when it came to fighting. You could beat the s*** out of a guy and just get two minutes for roughing - it was a lot harder to pickup 5 minute fighting majors - so that kind of skews the measurements. I'm sure that by todays standards Gordie would have had quite a few more of them.
  2. How many 20 goal scorers?

    Maybe that's not such a bad thing. I mean, obviously the fact that we have a dominant team is not much of a secret anymore, So if teams come in thinking they just have to shut ZDH for a chance to win, then its nice to have a second line that (rite now, at lease) can put up some numbers. Of course, shutting down ZDH has proven to be pretty much impossible this year.
  3. How many 20 goal scorers?

    Really??? The way this team is looking rite now you think that we need a 30+ man to make a "serious run"?? This team could make a legitimate run as it is right now IMHO, and another 30+ or 20+ guy would make are chances just that much better.
  4. Simon gets 30 games

    I agree entirely. So why not spend more time talking about what hockey IS about. Believe it or not, players like Datsyuk and Zetterberg still exist in relative obscurity, and these are guys who represent everything that is good about the game. Meanwhile, some head case pulls a dick move and he becomes a f***in celebrity. I realize that this is just the world that we live in, but I'm just starting to get sick of it. (I'm not just talking about Simon, but the whole string of suspensions that have been taken place this years: Downey, Boulerice, etc. etc. etc.)
  5. Fire on Ice gone?

  6. 12/19 GDT: Red Wings 6, Kings 2

    Kopecky, Ellis, and The Drake are puttin in some quality shifts out there...good to see.
  7. Simon gets 30 games

    TSN: The Sports Network??? More like The Simon Network! f***, give it a break. Does anyone else here feel my pain?? Why is this as big a deal as it is?? Somehow, this issue which exists within the game has transcended the game itself!
  8. Wings dominate West

    Seems about right to me. The only other guy I could see sneaking in their between any of them would be Iginla, he's on an uber-tear right now!
  9. Simon gets 30 games

    Personally, I am just SICK and TIRED of having to hear about this guy, or any other disciplinary issue like it. There are too many players in this league exhibiting real talent and doing incridibly positive things for the game to have the media harp on s*** like this "Chris Simon saga". Instead of talking for hours about Simon, and other guys like him, who have never, and never will contribute anything positive to this game, why not look at the magic that Dats and Z are putting together in Detroit, or the way that Iginla is dominating in Calgary, or the way that guys like Sundin and Lecavalier are just carrying their teams. No, as soon as some goon does something stupid, the rest of the league apparently shuts down operations in order to devote the full eye of the media on this one stupid issue. Meanwhile, the real talents, the guys that are selling seats, are relegated to a 10-second blurb at best. It just really pisses me off. Who gives a f*** about Chris Simon, he has nothing to contribute whatsoever to this game, and so I jsut couldn't care less.
  10. Columbus is not a hockey town

    I say we pick on Dallas, or any of the Florida or Cali teams.... What kind of Hockey Town doesn't even get snow! Cummon!!!
  11. League has balanced power

    I don't know man, in those years of dissapointing early playoff exits, I always felt it was karma saying, "You can't just try to buy the Cup every year". But this team has just been so well put together, and I have a really good feeling about this year. This organization is really setting a high bar for how to operate under a cap, and I love it. Go Wings!
  12. Just HOW good is Nick?

    I agree with that to a certain extend. However, although Wallace contributed in a huge way to the Stones defense, he was at times an offensive liability. Nick, on the other hand, is both a huge contributor to our defense and our offense. So, how good is Nick? Good enough to be, when all is said and done, considered the second best defenseman of alltime, behind a guy named Orr.
  13. OFFICIAL: Niedermayer returns to Ducks

    There's really nothing that anyone can say to you, is there? Being an online dooshbag is pretty damn easy, I suppose. Oh well. Niedermayer or no Niedermayer, this is the WIngs year, I guess that's what it all boils down to. So ya, screw Niedermayer, but while your at it, screw Getzlaf, screw Perry, screw Burke (just because he is a doosh in general) screw Carlisle, and sure as hell screw Pronger. In general, just f*** the Ducks. Lets Go WIngs!
  14. Hockey Night In Canada

    Ya, I assume that this was just an unintentional mistake. However, from what I hear from some of my American friends, Canadians look at the word "s***" as far less inappropriate than Americans do. In celebration of that fact, I think I'll go out and use the word "s***" excessively right now!
  15. OFFICIAL: Niedermayer returns to Ducks

    Alright man. I realize that your a bonafide "champ" around here, and that the supremacy that you excercise over this anonymous cyber-world is reminiscient of that of Alexander the Great or Ghengis Khan, but seriously! First of all, it is not a handful of Red Wings fans, its many fans in general. I have friends and I know people who are fans of about every team in the league -- some of them don't really like this whole situation, some of them don't mind, although most of them don't act like huge dicks about it. Last time I checked, leauge owners, GMs, and coaches aren't the only people who are allowed to have opinions on s***, in fact, I'm pretty sure that 99% of people who follow the NHL aren't GMs or Owners or even coaches. I know I'm not, are you? I realize some of the things being said are being spoken partly out of bitterness and emotion, but the fact of the matter is that 1000s of players in NHL history have had to make the decision to retire at some point, and they all seemed to pull that off within the allotted time, so it is not all that ridiculous to lose some respect for a guy that couldn't seem to do what 1000s of people in his profession have done before him(all the while seeming to hurt his team in the process). Although I suppose this may be falling on deaf ears. After all, being the "champ", I'm sure that you are entirely able to keep your emotions from having any effect on your infallible posts, whick make it impossible for you to understand how other, weaker, individuals are able to do so. Naturally, you then infer that those individuals are -- not only asses -- but, in fact, entire bags of asses; graphic imagery to say the least. All hail the Champ. LETS GO WINGS!